Securus Technology Issues Challenge to Industry Rival

Securus Technologies is the largest provider of products and services to the correctional and law enforcement industries. Recently the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Richard A. Smith, issued what he termed a “Technology Bake Off” challenge to its industry rival GTL. GTL has been making claims recently that their products and services are equivalent to those that Securus Technologies provides, a claim that Richard Smith thoroughly refutes. In the “Technology Bake Off” that Smith proposed both companies would have their products and services compared by an independent judge who will rule who has the best products, customer service, most modern phone system, the best capital and expensive efficient platform, and other relevant areas of business.

In issuing the challenge to GTL, Smith stated that their products are in no way comparable to what Securus Technologies offers its clients. He said that, unlike GTL, his company has invested over $700 million in the last four years that was spent on acquiring other companies in the industry, and improvements in their technologies and services. Recently, Securus Technologies opened an ultramodern Technology Center as well as a Customer Service Center that is located within the United States.

Richard Smith said that they have been talking to their clients and many of them have said that what Securus Technologies provides is both more technologically advance and is backed by superior customer service. He also said that for every $1 in business Securus Technologies has lost recently when customers switch to GTL, his company is getting $4 from GTL customers switching to Securus Technologies. He said the message from this is clear, which is that clients prefer Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and provides their products and services to correctional facilities and law enforcement across all of North America.


Hollywood Celebrities Flock To The Kabbalah Centre For Spiritual Healing

The Jewish mystical tradition known as the Kabbalah was only studied by male rabbis over the age of 40 in ancient times. Today, numerous Hollywood stars are becoming interested in this centuries old esoteric tradition. The singer Madonna was one of the first stars in recent times to tell the press about her interest in the Kabbalah. After Madonna’s announcement in 2006, fellow pop stars Britney Spears and Paris Hilton admitted their affection for the wise teachings of the Kabbalah.

When asked by Time Magazine why Madonna felt drawn to the Kabbalah, she told reporters she admires the Kabbalah’s insistence on the fact that “we are put on earth to help people.” Madonna went on to say that the Kabbalah teaches us all that our only job on this earth is to “figure out how you can help.” With her international star power, Madonna believes she can do the greatest good for humanity by encouraging others to study Kabbalistic works such as the Sefer Yetzirah and Zohar.

Interestingly, many stars in Hollywood have felt a special spiritual affinity with Jewish mysticism. Just a few big name stars that converted to Judaism include Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr., and Marilyn Monroe. While all of these people didn’t grow up in a traditional Jewish home environment, all of them converted to Judaism at the height of their respective careers. Each of these talented celebrities credited the mystical teachings of the Kabbalah with helping them through difficult times in their personal lives.

Most of today’s Hollywood stars interested in the Kabbalah have joined the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Kabbalah Centre. This center, which was founded in 1984, strives to teach all members key life lessons from the sacred Kabbalah. A few topics that teachers at the Kabbalah Centre discuss include the relationship of the Kabbalah to other esoteric traditions, the “Klippot,” and the Tree of Life. The Kabbalah Centre was founded by Philip Berg, a widely respected American rabbi who passed away in 2013.

In addition to its Los Angeles headquarters, the Kabbalah Centre has numerous centers across the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Israel. Besides the stars listed above, a few other celebrities that have used the Kabbalah Centre’s services in the past few years include Mick Jagger, Ariana Grande, and Lindsay Lohan.