Securus Technologies Wide Variety of Phone Services on Offer

A company that has managed to dominate the correctional space for nearly three decades is Securus Technologies. The enterprise was formed by the two leading correctional firm, T-Netix and Evercom merged in 1986. The new company formed after the merger was named as TZ Holdings, which was later in 1992 renamed as Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has developed many unique products for the corrections space in the last thirty years, which has helped tremendously in modernizing the correctional field.


As an inmate, it is important that you are connected with your loved ones and is able to communicate regularly. Securus Technologies offers inmate communication services that are affordable, reliable, and efficient. The company has an AdvanceConnect prepaid phone service that ensures that the relatives and friends of inmates are able to receive calls from the inmates and are able to control their phone related spending as well. It is one of the most popular phone services offered by Securus Technologies. Similarly, there are an Inmate Debit phone services that are prepaid and can be used by the inmates that help them pay for the calling services they avail. It also makes it easier for the relatives and friends of the inmates to add funds to the account of the inmates without having to first set up their own account.


The Securus Technologies offers the traditional collect system as well as the collection of phone services it provides. It means the users can accept calls from the inmates and accept that the call charges would be added to their phone monthly bills. The investigative services and solutions of Securus Technologies are also highly popular among the people and the law enforcement officers have written to the company showcasing their appreciation for its services. Positive comments from these letters were published by the company through an online press release recently.



Jose Hawilla And The Set of Skills and Attributes of A Successful Businessman

There are so many qualities needed to become a successful entrepreneur, and even if you’re bashful and timid, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have what it takes to be a heroic entrepreneur that gives jobs to people. But what does it really take to succeed in business? Many people feel bereft after a series of business failures, and some factors and elements that contribute to a successful businessman are also the same elements found in the businessmen who failed. So how do we know?

Focus On The Key Attributes

According to an article from Estadao, a successful entrepreneur adopts the skillset of a risktaker who can react to change, adopt easily and has the desire to push against all the odds. The path of a businessman is suffused with grime, dirt, and hustling, and if this element of intrepidness isn’t found in a person, then it’s hard for that person to find success in the world of business.

It is also found out and featured on The Balance that an entrepreneur has to resemble a person who has as much Skin in the Game in their business as they should. These people should not give up. These people should be able to push through despite the blurriness of the endeavor. What separates the successful entrepreneurs from the rest is the fact that those who succeed are those who failed but didn’t get the failure into their head too much. One example of such business person is the Brazilian Businessman Jose Hawilla. You can visit Traffic for more.

About Jose Hawilla

Born in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, which is located in the main part of Sao Paulo, it may be safe to say that Jose Hawilla is one of the most successful journalists and entrepreneurs in the country that were able to offer one of the most outstanding sports marketing services in the region. With his knack for marketing and a quick way to jab into opportunities, Mr. Jose Hawilla is one of the most fantastic business leaders in the industry today. Despite the fact that Mr. Jose faced tremendous challenges in leadership and being branded as an insurgent, he was not deterred and still pushed for his dreams.


Doe Deere and Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is the innovative and creative founder of the cosmetics company Lime Crime, famous for their unapologetic use of color and cruelty-free practices. Her positive attitude and experimental quirky gestures shine through into her makeup lines, giving Lime Crime a competitive edge and offering something unusual yet enticing.


Born in Russia, Deere made a life-changing decision and officially moved to the United States at the age of seventeen. In an interview with Deere by Guest of a Guest, she comments “My most formative years were spent in Russia, as well as New York.” Deere’s time in New York began with a passion for music. Being involved with self-promotion allowed for Deere to develop a heightened understanding of marketing and sales which led her to beauty. After her time in New York, she later settled in Los Angeles with her husband, standing as her business partner.


When asked about how she and her husband met and then decided upon being business partners in the Guest of a Guest interview, Deere commented “we were in a band together and I think that’s how we learned to collaborate” and that the two have always worked well with one another.


Before rising to fame in cosmetics, Deere started out by releasing her own DIY fashion line on her newly registered eBay account in 2004. This all eventually lead to another entrepreneurial adventure, with her own instrumental endeavors on the side. Around this time, Deere also began further promoting her band by hosting shows with public advertisements and releasing music to draw in attention.


Due to an unmet desire to mix her colorful fashion sense with cosmetics, Deere released Lime Crime’s first eccentric lipstick line in October of 2008. During this release, Deere also launched a debut collection featuring: glitter, primer, blush, brushes, and eyeshadow. Deere then promoted her products by releasing tutorials and looks with step-by-step instructions on her personal blog. With time, Lime Crime’s cosmetics have only gotten brighter and more expressive, especially with the most recent release of Deere’s unicorn-colored hair dyes. Learn more:


Doe Deere certainly “goes where she loves,” a phrase she coined as advice to any other young ambitious women out there. With a deeply rooted interest in progress and success, Deere encourages those around her to take to creativity with her products and stands as a passionate influence for all seeking to let out a little color.