Securus Technologies Stopping Contraband Supply through Drones with Drone Detection Technology

Established in the year of 1986, Securus Technologies was born out of the collaboration of two of the most reputed telecom companies of its time, Evercom, and T-Netix. Securus Technologies was aimed at helping the correctional sector thrive and survive in the age of technology by providing them with numerous technologically advanced products and services. Securus Technologies has their very own technology center located in Dallas, TX, which is equipped to build some of the most advanced technologies that the corrections space has ever witnessed. The company continues to launch new products and services from time to time, which helps the inmates as well as the corrections officers. The inmate communication services like the video visitation that Securus Technologies launched a few months back has been beneficial for the inmates, who are now able to not only talk but also see their friends and family via the video chat interface.


Securus Technologies has also been developing the new age investigative technologies that have helped the law enforcement agencies to catch the criminals along with the proof of their crime, which assists in getting them convicted in the court of law. The LBS Pro service of Securus Technologies has been, in particular, highly applauded by the law enforcement officers, many of which have even written letters to the company appreciating the services company provides. Securus Technologies is also aware of the problem that the correctional sphere is currently facing, which is the supply of contraband item through the drones. If the drones are continued to allow entering the prison airspace without being detected or knocked down, the inmates will continue to get their supply of drugs, weapon, and contraband phone. Getting hands on these unauthorized and illegal materials can corrupt the prison ecosystem and also put lives of many inmates and officers at stake.


Securus Technologies has, therefore, designed and developed the only drone detection technology that is present in the correctional sphere currently. The drone detection technology by Securus Technologies would help in circling the entire corrections’ facility perimeter, and as soon as the drone enters the space, an alarm goes off. It helps the corrections officer to locate the drone and take it down. The drones would, therefore, not be able to stay undetected and do its part of dropping the contraband supplies without the corrections officers knowing about it. Securus Technologies knows that if the drones are allowed to continue to enter the airspace over the prisons, the problem of safety inside as well as outside the jail will continue to rise. The crime rate would also increase tremendously if the issue of contraband supply through drone is not addressed. Securus Technologies wants that more and more correctional facilities start installing drone detection technology so that the criminals cannot use drones anymore to supply contraband items inside the prison.



NGP VAN Delivers Game Changing Tools

Technology provider NGP VAN- a firm that makes targeted email, compliance reporting, online actions tools and more available to progressive campaigns– has imparted tips for making it easier to meet end of quarter goals.

The end-of-quarter deals with the conclusion of one of four specific three month intervals on the financial calendar.

NGP VAN recommended keeping a number of emails readily available should ideas deplete quickly. For example, let others know the number of people who have signed on to your campaign, such as the number of likes on Facebook.

What’s more, you should make known how many donations have been received for the quarter and how close you are to reaching your goal.

NGP VAN suggested after people make a donation, ask them to share on a preplanned form why they gave to your campaign or organization.

The importance of writing everything in advance was also emphasized as it can often be time consuming.

NGP VAN called attention to always remember to celebrate, in particular, when goals are met. The event could be observed by festivities that range from a potluck lunch to painting the town red. (

Launched in 2001, NGP VAN, formerly known as Voter Activation Network, changed its name to NGP VAN in January 2011. The company, founded by Mark Sullivan and Nathaniel Pearlman, is headquartered in Washington, DC with an office in Somerville, Massachusetts.

NGP VAN delivered software to clients that include the national Democratic committees, the Obama voter and volunteer campaign, hundreds of labor unions, political action committees, state and local campaigns and more.

The privately-held company has received awards which take in the Campaigns & Elections Award for Most Innovative Product; one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in the DC area and the AAPC award for Best Use of New Technology.

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Bob Reina: Your Limits Are Your Own

So often in life, people put limits on themselves. When they put limits on themselves, they don’t really see what they can do and they don’t fully utilize their skills to do something great. They settle in life and they take a job that just pays the bills as opposed to a job that is going to bring out the best in them from a creative standpoint. This makes Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, very, very sad. He knows there are a lot of talented people out there and they are just dying for the chance to prove their self worth. However, they are the ones holding themselves back.


It is probably because they have listened to other people for far too long. They have let other people tell them their self worth and even worse, they have listened to them. They need to block out that white noise, and they need to focus on the future and what is ahead for them. The truth of the matter is great things are ahead for them, and they are going to grab the world by the throat. They just need to start with step one. For many people, that is the hardest thing. They don’t know how to put one foot in front of the other and really go after it. Learn more:


Bob Reina sees this a lot with people, and it makes him very, very sad. He knows people can showcase so much more of themselves than what they have shown so far. They have decided to simply coast through life and take the easy road because it is the safe road. However, they are only hurting themselves when they do this. They are not fully utilizing all of their talents and all of their skills. As a matter of fact, they are being wasted.


There is not a single thing worse in the world than wasted talent. It is sad to say, but a lot of people go to their grave having wasted their talents. They have not fully shown the world what they can do and how they can do it. They have put themselves in a position where it is impossible to succeed. They are inside their own head. It is why they need to listen to people like Bob Reina when he speaks. He is the kind of person that is going to inspire people and bring out the very, very best in them.


Other people might not see their own skills, but Bob Reina has been around long enough that he sees it and he really wants people to soar in life. They will see life in a whole new way.

How Madison Street Capital Leverages Its Global Perspective

Madison Street Capital has offices in Accra, Ghana, Haryana, India and West Bengal, India. Madison Street Capital recognizes that Wall Street in New York City is no longer the only relevant financial capital in the world. While Wall Street represents the epicenter of much of the financial activity that takes place in the United States it is now among a growing number of urban centers around the world that are home to various thriving business communities and financial services sectors. There are local companies across the global south who are speaking to the needs of a growing number of consumers who are earning incomes that enable them to have the disposable income to spend on services and goods.


Emerging markets are serving as the soil where the seeds of companies that will shape the future of the global markets are growing. Many of these companies are able to succeed in markets where outside players cannot because they understand the needs and opportunities that exist in these markets in ways that business people from the outside do not. Such companies can often offer great opportunities for corporations in North America and Europe who are interested in looking for potential companies to invest in or potentially merge with as they seek to take advantage of the growing business opportunities that exist in emerging markets. Madison Street Capital has spent its time placing emerging markets at the forefront of its business strategy and is able to expertly advise companies who are interested in growing the international parts of their businesses. The company believes that the future of many companies’ growth will likely be driven through the many opportunities and players who are rising to prominence in emerging markets.


In addition to having the expertise to advise companies that exist in overseas markets and companies that are interested in doing business in international markets, Madison Street Capital has come to have a reputation for being able to broker critical deals between companies. Madison Street Capital often works in an advisory role that sees it helping companies to solve challenges that involve issues such as tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, raising investments and capital, as well as offering its informed professional opinion on issues such as stock options, collateral value assessments, shareholder redemptions. Recently Madison Street Capital was honored at a prestigious awards ceremony in its industry. During November of 2017 an organization that is known as The M&A Advisors announced that it had selected Madison Street Capital from among hundreds of firms to give it a top award for arranging the best debt financing deal in the industry. The award marked the 7th time that Madison Street Capital had been recognized for its work at The M&A Advisors Awards.


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Serving People With The Best Healthcare Provision

Our families have aged and disabled, ill people or generally individuals needing special care. Due to circumstances like occupations and school, it may not be possible to care for them at home. That is why Sussex Healthcare was established. It is a home for clients requiring special attention. Families are grateful to this organization for creating a good home for their loved ones.

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that has been operational for over twenty five years. Throughout these decades, the management has always strived to offer care, treatment, attention and quality services to the residents. The clients appreciate the effort made by the organization for their wellbeing. With Amanda Morgan Taylor as the new CEO, it is a safe haven for clients when they are away from home.

The organization comprises of twenty homes but each home operates independently. This is an effective approach that ensures every home works according to its circumstances. Decisions and operations are also easy to implement when each home has its leaders. The effectiveness has played a major role in fulfilling service delivery.

For all homes to run smoothly, resources are necessary. These homes have all the facilities the residents need. There are also additional ones to increase comfort and the experience at the home. Employees also have sufficient resources to do their work. It would be impractical to deliver quality and proper care when employees do not have their tools for work.

Sussex Healthcare has hired numerous categories of employees. The homes have doctors, nurses, caregivers, personal trainers, therapists, educationists and other necessary employees. All these people are available because residents have different needs. Each resident is assisted according to his or her needs. The homes appreciate voluntary services. Any individuals wishing to extend their services are encouraged to do.

The healthcare sector is an evolving industry. New knowledge and information emerges and practitioners in these fields are expected to get the news. Therefore, the organization gives an opportunity to the employees to get this knowledge. Employees are also encouraged to further their studies. This advancement is beneficial to both employees and the clients.

Residents will continue getting the best while employees hone their skills and become better professionals. Sussex Healthcare operates within integrity and professionalism. These values have brought the organization this far. Sussex Healthcare may only be in Sussex but hopes to expand in the future. Its services will benefit other regions needing home for the people with special needs.


Saygus Recommends NewsWatch TV After Successful Promotional Review

The company ultimately opted for NewsWatch TV and that decision was one that they would never forget. The NewsWatch crew had traveled to Barcelona to produce several promotional segments during the Mobile World Congress event. The professional segments had helped Saygus’s Indiegogo campaign exceed their initial goal and raise over $1.3 million. Tim Rush is the vice president of Saygus and he highly recommends working with NewsWatch TV, “The video was extremely professional, when working with consumer brands it’s really important to get the right message delivered in the right way.” NewsWatch was more than able to deliver.

NewsWatch TV is a syndicated American television series that first aired in March 1990. The show is a half hour long and has a technology and entertainment format that features special news reports with a wide range of topics including sponsored consumer electronics reviews, new mobile apps reviews, breaking government and medical news, public service announcements and celebrity interviews. The show’s featured host is Andrew Tropeano, they have several other hosts that introduce stories, consumer electronic reviews, breaking technology news and more.


NewsWatch TV received numerous awards for their nationwide program. In 2016, they won the Silver Telly Award and were nominated for another during that year. They received a 2017 Videographer Award for excellence in entertainment. NewsWatch TV has aired over 1,200 original episodes since its first air date. They currently broadcast weekly on the ION Television Network and a few times a month on AMC Network. NewsWatch TV frequently reach an audience of over 96 million households across the United States and is seen in more than 200 U.S. Markets.


Jason Gottlieb: A Pioneer in the Hedge Fund Industry

Jacob Gottlieb is a hedge manager that owns a firm that is primarily focused on the health care sector, but he is looking to broaden into other industries. He lives in Manhattan and is friends with many of the top hedge fund managers in the city. They gather once a month in each others homes to play poker. The games are more about having fun and discussing business not competition. Mr. Gottlieb is passionate about building businesses and trained as a doctor before entering the financial industry. He founded Visium Asset Management in 2005 and the company now manages over $3.5 billion in assets. Jacob’s vast experience and knowledge in the health care field is the key to the company’s success. The Visium Balanced Fund is the company’s premier product that has over $2.4 billion in assets and an annual return of 15.6 percent.


Despite Visium’s enviable success, Jacob has much higher goals in mind. He wants his firm to offer a wide variety of products to rival or surpass other legendary hedge fund companies. Over the past few years, he has slowly laid the foundation to achieve his dreams, but success won’t come easy. Although multi-strategy firms have been very successful, most attempts end in failure. Jacob feels he can avoid the failures of his predecessors because he has hired top industry professionals to help carry out his plan. Currently, Visium’s multi-strategy approach is off to a slow start with just $200 million in assets in which approximately half of that is the company’s capital. One of the major problems he is facing is stiff competition from other hedge fund managers who are attempting to start their own firms. Another problem Jason Gottlieb is facing is that investors don’t have confidence in him as a diversified manager because his track record has only been in the health care industry. Despite the problems, Jason is focused on making his plan a success.


Jason Gottlieb is also a philanthropist and gives back to the community and various organizations such as the Covenant House. The Covenant House for over 40 years has given homeless kids a place to stay and keep them on a positive path in 31 cities across six nations.


Dr. David B Samadi: Master of Urology

Genitourinary surgery deals with medical diseases and surgical procedures of the male and female urinary tract system and reproductive system. This is a very sensitive part of the body. The reproductive and urinary tracts are closely related, and problems with one can easily affect the other.

Anyone having a urological problem needs to see the best available doctor because an error can have dire consequences, especially when dealing with the reproductive organs. There is no one better in this field than one Dr. David B. Samadi. He has established himself as one the best urologists in America. This is his story.

Early life

David B. Samadi was born in Iran in 1964. A hostile political situation forced him to flee the country when he was just 15 years old. He made it to Belgium and eventually got to the United States via England. He studied at various high schools in Belgium, England, and the US. He graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry.

His determination and academic potential were evident early on, and his professors at the University saw this and rewarded him with a full scholarship. The scholarship allowed him to study medicine where he graduated among the top students in his class.

To fulfill his long life dream of becoming a medical doctor, he trained at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Montefiore Medical Center, where he distinguished himself as a talented urologist.

Success and celebrity status

Samadi quickly established himself as one of the most trusted doctors specializing in the treatment of bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi’s innovative nature and his empathy with his patients have set him apart from his peers. He is known for his focus on the quality of service he delivers rather than the number of patients he treats.

David’s success in the operating room has seen him become a celebrity doctor. He hosts a TV program at Fox News called house call. He was recently consulted to help explain the prostate prognosis of the former Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

Samadi cited the Romney case to explain that prostate cancer is more prevalent in older men. He further went on to explain that given a choice between surgery and radiation as options for cancer treatment, you should always go for surgery.


David B. Samadi is a classic story of rags to riches. The exceptional grit he demonstrated to overcome a difficult situation and develop into a top urologist should be an inspiration to all of us.