Art Delivery and the Dynamic World of Social Media, Ann Scango Weighs in

Ann Scango is an American artist who’s been recognized for her 3D art curation. Ann founded the Scango Collection in 2016, and she heads the firm up to date. Based in Austin, Ann Scango has a passion for using natural materials to create her art. For instance, she uses molding and collage techniques, which are fused together to find industrial materials that she can use to create her art. In addition to that, Ann Scango also uses polyurethane foam, which she tops with other resources that she finds across Austin like twigs and mulch from Zilker Park and her garden respectively. Ann has been an environmental enthusiast for a long time. She’s tried to show other people the importance of preserving the environment through her sculptures that she makes from natural materials.

Ann Scango’s artwork has been used to show the link between people and the environment and the importance of that link. She questions the culture of consumption unconsciously but reflects optimism too. Ann Scango has had a passion for art and the environment since she was young though she didn’t pursue it as a profession since she was formerly a stay at home mom.

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In recent years, the culture of people has changed and so has the art world. In an article that Ann Scango wrote in June, she explains that social media has had a significant role in the alteration of people’s way of life and their beliefs and preferences too. Jia Jia Fei is one of the people who has brought a change in the art world. She is responsible for delivering art to the people through social media. People no longer appreciate art as they used to in the past since the art that is kept on the internet is easily accessible as compared to the art that’s preserved in museums. Art that’s shared on social media is considered a success if a lot of people like it as opposed to the experience surrounding the viewing of the art from a museum.

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Jeff Herman Comments About Cosby

Jeff Herman has decades of experiences in the law field, and about 20 years of experience pursuing cases against sexual abusers. He founded Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.


For over a decade, Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them. He was the lawyer involved in the famous court cases against Kevin Clash—a man who had once worked as Elmo’s puppeteer. He has also been involved in putting a spotlight on the sins of the Catholic church, exposing sexual abuse cases involving clergy members and children.


Jeff Herman has a practice in Boca Raton, Florida, that is dedicated exposing the sickening injustices that sexual abuse victims go through. He is also dedicated to exposing the truth about how society is neglectful in the justice that it gives to victims.


In an article, Jeff Herman commented on his ideas concerning the Case of Bill Cosby. He felt that the verdict was correct, and that Bill Cosby had really done wrong. Herman also spoke about how Bill Cosby’s sexual victims were accused of “asking for it” and told that they “knew what they were doing.” However, this is very demeaning to the victim, and the person who is doing the assaulting should control his or herself; nobody is “asking for it.”


There was one female witness who had gone to Cosby’s house for the reason of having a normal, platonic conversation about profession-related subjects. He gave her a beverage that was laced with drugs, though he told her that it was herbal tea. She became incapacitated and ended up being sexually abused by him. This story leads to a more clear-cut judgment that Cosby was truly a sexual predator. However, his defense claimed that she was lying and just trying to take advantage of a rich man. Visit This Page to learn more.


Jeff Herman goes on to talk about where he stands in cases like these. He is not the type of lawyer that fights to put specific individuals in jail or get specific individual punished; he is the type of lawyer who works to gain settlements for victims.



Jeff Herman: How To Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse

In the modern times, it is paramount for parents to understand whatever is happening in the lives of their children. There are many predators that are looking for ways to harm children online and offline. To keep these young people safe from these individuals, it is crucial for most parents to be educated about the different ways they can use.


Jeff Herman is very popular in the international community. This attorney is appreciated because of the expert tips he has been giving the society so that young people can be prevented from sexual abuse. In the course of his successful career as a lawyer, Jeff Herman has been advocating for the rights of individuals who have survived sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and rape.


He founded Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school. For over a decade, Jeff Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them.


Just recently, Jeff Herman used his blog to share some Tips to Protect Your Kids from Sexual Abuse and help parents to teach their children about the popular sexual crimes. The lawyer also wants the parents to realize the signs of sexual abuse when it takes place to their young ones. It is not possible to be present so that you can protect your young one, but it is paramount to educate them so that they can live the happy lives they deserve. Find More Information Here.



Here are tips to always keep in mind


  1. Start teaching your child about their bodies and the change that takes place. However, ensure that you are keeping it age appropriate so that you do not make things worse for the child. Use the correct vocabulary and language so that the child will understand. Show your child the parts that should be kept off from other individuals.
  2. Teach your child the benefits of saying no to the activities that are not right for them. When someone tries to tell them to do something that is not correct, they will be confident to say no without having any pressure.
  3. Show the children some relevant examples. There are few people who will be in the life of your child, but they are only interested in harming them when acting like friends. Tell your child that even family members, police officers, friends, and clergymen should never be allowed to touch them in the wrong way.


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Stream Cares: Texas Charity Done Right

When people living in and around the city of Houston were confronted by the destructive powers of Hurricane Harvey entire neighborhoods found themselves sitting in nearly five feet of water. Of the many companies that hurried to respond to calls for help, Stream Energy was among the first, providing financial support and ease up on charges to customers living in affected areas, helping people in need recover from this natural disaster.

Stream Energy has long supported an internal culture that has leaned towards contributing to philanthropic organizations. Charity has become part of their daily business, and has led to the creation of Stream Cares, a charity that looks to partner with others that aid in causes that line up with their goal to help Texans and all Americans.

As a business, Stream energy benefits from Stream Cares as well. By using the company name, it stands out in the energy industry and in the wider public eye as a charity that is sincere in its consideration of communities that surround them and the people who live there.

Stream Cares has invested into developing that reputation by working with influential organizations like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity and developing partnerships that can affect enduring change over a period of years. Both in Texas and across the country.

An example of this is their partnership with the Hope Supply CO. Both have invested a great deal of interest in addressing the rapid increase of homelessness in the state of Texas. Their event, a Splash of Hope, allowed more than a thousand homeless children to spend a day full of food and fun at a Texas water park. The day ended with the children receiving financial and material support that could benefit them and their families.

This kind of charity is fairly common among corporations in the US, but not in the state of Texas, which is seen as one of the least charitable in the entire nation. Kimberly Girard, Senior Event Manager for Stream Energy, sees this as an opportunity to continue to do good while influencing other companies to do their part in helping their communities.

Shervin Pishevar Sounds Off His Opinion On Twitter

Did you catch the Twitter rampage earlier this year by Shervin Pishevar? If you missed it, you missed 50 tweets that covered everything from virtual currency to world inflation. Pishevar is no stranger to investments. He has called out winners such as Uber, Postmates, and Dollar Shave Club. He is also co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop, which was a topic of tweet number seven.

Inspiring companies are going to save the rotting infrastructure of the United States. Tweet seven could be read as self-promoting, but it talked about how companies like his own and SpaceX will create and inspire great work. Companies that are shooting for the moon, so to speak, will lead the future.

Other areas that are not shining so bright are the stock market and previous earnings. Pishevar predicts the market will drop a total of 6,000 points. He points out 2018 gains have vanished, and 2017 profits are heading towards the same fate.

The US bond market used to have a handy trick, but those days are gone too. The central banks could purchase bonds, and this would cause a correction. Tweet number two speaks of the uselessness of that tool today.

You wouldn’t think Pishevar would be discussing unicorns, but it happened. Unicorn is a term he uses to describe the giant companies. Giant companies are Google, Apple, and Microsoft. These biggies are in the habit of buying up smaller startups before they take off. Pishevar is predicting that this will come back around and bite them. Shervin Pishevar goes on to say how he feels the watchdogs have looked the other way while the big ones like Amazon played out their hands.

Shervin Pishevar even had comments on bitcoin during his Twitter raves and rants. He thinks bitcoin will continue a downward spiral, but it won’t last for long. In about two years, it should recover.

Shervin Pishevar is an immigrant. Tweet three relays how he thinks America has sent inflation overseas. The US is not an isolated economy when it makes a move it can be felt internationally. He states that we have been operating like this for years in this fashion.

Shervin Pishevar next Twitter rampage may be longer. Who knows? It may cover even more ground.

Steps Sahm Adrangi takes that are worth following

The asymmetry of information among investors, especially international investors has been a nagging problem over time. Sahm Adrangi took note of this fact. He treated it as a gap in the market (as it is) and formed the Kerrisdale Capital Management. currently, he holds the title of Chief Investment Officer. This formation was in the year 2009.

Adrangi prides himself on the ability to carry out quality research. This is what has currently drawn him such a large loyal customer base. the large market for information necessitates Kerrisdale to release findings on multiple avenues. They include third parties (as Seeking Alpha), through the company’s Twitter account and even on their website.

Exposure of foul play and attempts to cleanse the market is the main objective of Sahm Adrangi. For instance, he recently commented that he prides in the fact that performance of Globalstar, Inc. has flopped by 50% since the company released a report (which took them a very long time of carrying out research).

Kerrisdale is a company that has established a very strong corporate culture. Mos of this could be attributed to the amount of discipline that Sahm Adrangi aims at maintaining despite being the founder. This discipline was seen all the way from the first job that he took up as a trainee journalist in Toronto’s Globe and Mail.

His passion for journalism is very evident from his actions. Sahm chose to pursue a career in the field of journalism even after graduating from the University of Yale with a degree in Economics. He expects this same enthusiasm from his employees. That is why he maintains a very steady policy on how he takes up employees in Kerrisdale. Only strong and bold analysts and writers are usually hired. This is to ensure they produce quality publications for both internal and external use in the company.

Sahm Adrangi is a person who strongly pushes for growth and results from what he chooses to engage in. That is why the company’s capital grew from $1 million to $150 million just within six years. This has been admired by other companies in this field and some have even assimilated their strategies within their operations.