Impacting Lives Through Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare has focused on having a positive trend throughout the years. They ensure that they are not left behind by additional health groups and this also cuts across their employees. Their administration aims at giving their customers quality healthcare and products at affordable rates. Communication plays an essential role in SHC, therefore, providing proper communication and feedback to their employees and clients. Through the trained personnel who are hardworking, residents of the Sussex homes are supported thus impacting a change in their lives.

Lynn Lovett, a manager of the Upper Mead, has worked for 22 years has held some roles. She feels good to have a chance to take care of the people in need thus making them feel comforted. Lynn and her team take the mandate to visit certain establishments to educate people to know more about their services in case they need extra care. Upper Mead offers day trips alongside other activities to the community.

The IT staff also play an essential role in ensuring that all technical aspects needed in homes are working correctly. They look after every electronic gadget and handle the administration of a new user in the residents. This IT personnel are doing a variety of projects in which they strive at improving technology in the Sussex Healthcare locations. Feedback is required by the IT staff from the residents in case of a change or request for their needs to be met without any struggle.

Sussex Healthcare is also conducting recruitments from time to time for nurses and assistants in the care unit. They advertise these posts on various platforms including newspapers and radio. Daniella Pestridge being the new Deputy Manager at Upper Mead feels she has been warmly welcomed regardless of her short time in Sussex Healthcare. SHC has played a vital role in her career from being an activity assistant to her managerial role. SHC grants referral bonuses to their staff if they sign in a new member.

SHC has started initiating activities that will be done across homes providing more support inside and outside homes of the residents. This has already been started at Laurels and Longfield homes thus leading to a significant interaction between the residents.

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Michael Nierenberg: Innovation And Creativity Equal Success

In almost any profession, creativity and innovation lead to success. However, in today’s competitive business world, this combination has become a necessity, especially for those leading companies. In the case of Michael Nierenberg, who as the CEO, Chairman of the Board, and President of financial services company New Residential Investment Corporation has helped the company reach the pinnacle of success, innovation and creativity played key roles in his success.

From his early days as a junior executive at such firms as JP Morgan and Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg realized that to gain the levels of success he hoped to achieve in his career, it would take large amounts of creativity and innovation used in a variety of ways. Thus, whenever he was given a task considered extremely difficult, he would always try to examine it from many different angles. By doing so, he never allowed himself to be boxed into one particular strategy, a trait which has served him well over the years.

As he has moved on to work with other firms such as Merrill Lynch and Bank of America prior to joining New Residential, Michael Nierenberg has chosen to rely on his creativity and innovation to accomplish many great things. Whether this has involved working closely with other top-level executives to create and implement key global marketing strategies, consult with leading economists from various sectors of the business world, or conduct board meetings where he had to discuss complex issues, he has always been able to do so in ways that made even the most complex and difficult issues easy to understand for anyone in the room.

While he knows it will take tremendous amounts of hard work to keep New Residential ahead of the competition, Michael Nierenberg will continue to use the many aspects of innovation and creativity he has learned over the years. In doing so, not only will he be able to solve the most complex issues in foreign exchange trading, global marketing strategies, and other areas, but also always have the confidence of those who have entrusted him with the success of New Residential.

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Eric Lefkofsky Does Things That Help the Cancer Industry

As long as Eric Lefkofsky knows what people want and focuses on how he can change the industry, he feels good about the options he puts into place. He also has a lot of experience helping people who have cancer feel better about their diagnoses. The point of his company, Tempus, isn’t to find a cure for cancer. Instead, it’s to help people have a better time coping with a difficult diagnoses. If he’s able to provide people with a positive environment for healing, he can make things easier for the people who use Tempus. When Eric Lefkofsky started the idea for Tempus, he knew what he needed to do to ensure the company would succeed. He also felt there were things that would allow more people to try different things with the business so people didn’t have to worry about what he was doing with it.

It didn’t take a long time for Eric Lefkofsky to figure out what he needed to do to make things better for the people who used Tempus. In fact, he pushed to ensure there would be positive experiences for everyone who needed his help. Thanks to the hard work he put into the business and the way he worked to make sure people would have positive experiences even while they were dealing with cancer, Eric Lefkofsky felt compelled to push and make things easier on all his patients.

The company grew under Eric Lefkofsky’s direction. He knew how to hire the right people to support the mission and that’s what pushed him to succeed no matter what issues people were dealing with. It was also a way for him to help people feel like they had a support system beyond just family and friends. By making sure Tempus was one of the most positive opportunities for everyone, Eric Lefkofsky set the company apart from others. It was important to help people see what they could do and make sure they were offering the best experiences possible. Tempus has big plans for how they’re going to help with data-driven medicine for cancer in the future.

Madison Street Capital

When it comes to investing and investments many factors come into play. The market itself has undergone various changes and credibility issues from previous market volatility still exist. It has become extremely difficult for startups, those selling businesses, and established firms to find funding. Due to prior instability leading to the banks unwillingness to provide loans, financial institutions have become shroud in secrecy. It’s apparent that an overall level of distrust in and outside of the financial sector has developed. The lack of distrust in the financial market has set in motion confidentiality agreements, making approaching the financial world very challenging. Further, many companies don’t understand how these institutions work. The need for a skilled outsider in navigating these arenas is in demand. Companies are in need of a well-respected, well established, reputable third party entity to try and mediate these transactions.


Madison Street Capital has a reputation for doing just that by leading with integrity, transparency, and an overall commitment to quality in financial services. They provide a rare level of excellence in services that has dubbed them the industry leader of Banking Groups. Madison Street Capital Advisers form financial relationships that not only provide services but educate their clients on the investment world. They cater to middle to low end market firms seeking flexible yet proven cooperate funding strategies. They focus on mergers and acquisitions, offering financial consulting to middle market firms as well as publicly traded companies and hedge funds. They specialize in creating customized funding solutions, building strong financial relationships and identifying what drives a business’ value. Their debt restructuring plans finds solutions for the most challenging financial situations. These innovators are committed to striving towards excellence, staying ahead of the curve and using key financial strategies. Their mission is client services and assisting clients in reaching their goals. Through their vast knowledge of the financial industry and open honest communications, they have repeatedly helped companies achieve their goals of financing. At Madison Street Capital reputation is everything. They see more than the bottom line, they see what your business represents and how to help drive your business towards complete financial success.


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Jana Lightspeed: Behind the Monika

Jana Messerschmidt serves as the partner at the Lightspeed Venture Partners from 2018. This venture has earned her the Monika Jane Lightspeed. Before joining the current venture, Jana Lightspeed held a number of stints at Netflix and Twitter.

Upon joining Lightspeed, Jana acted as part of the consumer investing team after years of investing and also advising the early stage firms. Jana Lightspeed has also held a number of roles that cut across the fields of engineering, sales and marketing and business development throughout her career. This was for the high growth firms.

It has been at the core of the intersection of the technology and business throughout her career. Jana is also a holder of a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Illinois at the Urbana Champaign.

With time, she eventually ended up in the business side of the tech. She also hailed as the Vice President of the Global Business Development together with the platform at Twitter. She was in charge of strategic partnerships, developer relations, platform marketing and partner engineering. Before Jana landed the role at Twitter, she acted as the director of business development at Netflix. It was here that she focused on the building of the early streaming partnerships at Netflix.

Back in 2015, Jana founded the #Angles campaign investment plan for the defined mission to earn more women on the cap tables of the successful startups. She has rein stacked the bold ideas through the various industries such as Bird, Winnie, Eero, Cameo, Color and others.

Apart from investing, Jana has been passionate when it comes to hosting events and other conversations to build the community. She also was in hare of diversifying networks which is inclusive of the promotion of the women in different fields which help in the reconstruction of the industry. Jana Lightspeed is a believer of the inclusion of women in the creation of an equitable industry.

Felipe Montoro Jens Shows Positive Resource Findings

When Felipe Montoro Jens adeptly navigated the bigger rates of business procedure, this individual took essential positions in regarded businesses such as for example Enron, PricewaterhouseCoopers, EneI and even more. Most of these businesses had a solid international existence, which explains why it really is no real surprise that Jens was shortly hired to keep Brazil to get more work for all over the world.

In 2015, Jens recognized a position over the ocean in Portugal. Right here, he could put his skills to make use of, increasing the required capital in Européan and Cookware marketplaces. This individual was also accountable for managing fresh opportunities of stated capital, which usually needed him to havé extensive understanding of markets for the purpose of essential oil, exploration, and énergy in developing elements of Africa and in Latin America. View Felipe Montoro Jens profile at Linkedin

General, Jens provides 25 years of knowledge in the international business sector. AIthough his encounters are varied, he could be most reliable in helping companies with facilities tasks upon a wide range. His encounter makes him prepared to discover innovative and cóst-effective solutions with condition governments, and he functions hard to create corporate waste materials elimination even more lucrative in the monetary world.

Brazil could réach their focus on contributions of $2.1 trillion in facilities investments next eight yéars. This getting comes from a report conducted simply by Gránt Thornton, among five large businesses offering global auditánd purchase talking to. Jens highlights that relating tó Globe Lender data, the reference contributions index réferenced by Gránt Thornton research might almost twice the percentage óf GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT committed to facilities between your many years of 2011 and 2015. Furthermore, these purchase estimates might réach a lot more than two times the quantity committed to Brazil’s infrastructuré from 2001-2015, that was approximately $1 trillion.

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Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda has taken over a small but growing marketing company in Miami, Florida. But when taking the position he already knew some of the challenges he would face. The first challenge is that marketing companies are hard to run and keep going. The reason that marketing companies are so hard is because for so long larger companies couldn’t get what they needed from a third party company and small companies couldn’t afford them. The next reason that marketing companies have it so hard and just don’t succeed in many cases is because the industry is hard due to the evolving technology that seems to change as soon as some marketing companies come out with one thing. The next reason that its hard is customers change all the time and are so different so what will reach one group won’t reach another and with the evolving technology it is enough to make someone’s head spin.

Edwin though has always been a determined individual and no company that he has ever went to has failed yet and he always made every company that he went to better in some way. The first thing that Edwin did was make it clear that old marketing ways will not work and won’t fly in his company. He wants his company to always look to the future so much so that he has a team that just works out what technology is coming out next and how the company can use that in order to market to customers. The next thing that Edwin did was make it clear that customers are first and that the employees will have to travel at times in order to make pitches for companies of all shapes and sizes so that they can truly be a world-wide company that is ever expanding.

Follow Edwin Youtube channel CEO, Liu Qiangdong

Trademarked for his enlightened concepts and commendable resolve, Liu Qiangdong is a passionate entrepreneur who thrives in the face of adversity. His e-commerce platform,, evidences this. During the early stages of his career, Qiangdong embarked on a venture selling magneto-optical goods from a retail space he acquired. Under his sound leadership, the enterprise amassed coveted success. Qiangdong’s luck took a sharp turn after the SARS outbreak forced individuals to hunker down in their homes. Dispirited by this unfortunate reality, Qiangdong was forced to create a clever resolution to this problem. He did just that when he created an online platform that allowed him to sell his products without compromising the health of others. is currently one of the largest e-commerce websites in China, and Qiangdong intends to diversify into an internationally recognized businessman by partnering with business moguls in Thailand, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

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James Rivers Capital-Paul Saunders Aiding with Burnout

James River Capital was founded by Paul Saunders. Saunders is the current Chairman and CEO of his company. Paul Saunders originally was working for another corporate finance company called Becker’s Corporate Finance Department. You can read more here: Trader James River | Turtle Trader

He established the company around 1986. James River Capital was originally known as another company known as funds at Kidder, Peabody, and Company. The company officially received its name around January 1995 when the name became James River Capital Corporation. Saunders earned his Bachelors in 1977 and his Masters in 1979.

James River Capital has been assisting with investments sing 1995 when it officially became its own independent company. The company also helps with trading and as a pool operator. On July 1, 2018, it had over five hundred and seventy million dollars in its products.

The company own personal beliefs are providing different options for investments that are different and cost saving. James River Capital is sure that adding different options to their product would fix any risky returns to their customers.

The bring these various differences by having different managers and portfolios to do this. They have nine different options, some of these are corporate credit, equity strategies, fixed income arbitrage, and a multi-strategy investment.

Paul Saunders of James River Capital talks about some ways to help companies employees to avoid burning out at work. For employees, work is long and tiresome to their lives and causing a rapid case of burnout. Managers knowing the red flags and the causes of it, can assist with their employees’ burnouts. Avoiding early burnout can help continue working on the projects or on recurring tasks. There are various ways to help keep employees to avoid burnout.

If someone is not in control of time, schedules, or anything else it can start the burnout. Giving employees flexible and realistic schedules will help them. Have them take a little time before they start working to set up their plans. Another way to help with burnout is the acknowledgment, not being considered for a promotion, compensation for their jobs, or not knowing what is going on with their management. Workers could start feeling negative about work and then succumbing to burnout. Managers or leadership position being honest with workers can help. Activities in the workplace will also help employees avoid a burnout also.

Paul gives a few more ways of helping with burnout such as adjusting attitudes for employees. Stress at work can take over one’s emotions easily. If an employee is burnt out it’ll increase the moodiness in the workforce. Managers can help with moodiness by showing support, giving them options of hobbies or even forgetting about work when they are off can help. Giving employees confidence boosters can help them during work. Paul Saunders suggests checking on the employees to help with confidence levels. Giving members of the workforce goals to obtain can greatly help with job performance.

When an employee is not burned out it’ll help one own company be successful. Every company success rides on the employes success.

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Gareth Henry Is Providing More Than Just The Entrance Bursary For His Scholarship Recipients

On December 11, 2018, Heriot-Watt University was proud to announce that Gareth Henry, a 2001 alumnus, will be funding the University’s undergraduate scholarship program. Gareth Henry is also going to perform regular duties of being a career coach and one-on-one mentoring. This is to make sure that students are getting the best education possible so that they may achieve their goals after graduation and promote a long and prosperous career for those students whom have chosen to follow the path of Actuarial Sciences.

Gareth Henry has a wealth of experience and success using Actuarial Mathematics in all of his client investor relations as a financial executive. Much of his success comes from his perpetual drive for learning which, in turn, gives him a serious advantage in staying on top of the market trends. He is extremely dedicated to listening to his clients and understanding what they need to achieve the level of success they desire. He has managed a great number of global portfolios for some of the largest, and most successful, alternative finance firms. Some of his past positions include being the Global Head of Investor Relations for Angelo Gordon & Co. (their current portfolio is in the $28 billion range), and achieved that same title at Fortress Investment Group prior to his time at Angelo Gordon.

After 10 years of heard work, Gareth Henry built a career at the very peak of the financial mountain. He credits this in large part to his natural talent for speaking sincerely with his colleagues, his clients, and even complete strangers about their investments and ideas for future investment endeavors. He has been active in markets all around the world including the Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

Recipients of Heriot-Watt University’s undergraduate scholarship are going to have one of the best educational programs around the world, and one of the best mentors in the field of Acturial Sciences and investor relations.

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