Matt Badiali Shares His Thoughts About The Potential Of The Marijuana Sector

Today, markets are dependent on trade wars as well as political intrigue. According to Matt Badiali, Real Wealth Strategist and Banyan Hill editor, believes that Marijuana is a sector that is soaring. If investors takes advantage of the Marijuana opportunities, it can make them a lot of money.

Many states have legalized marijuana including California and Nevada. Additionally, Canada legalized the use of Cannabis this year. According to Matt Badiali, this has opened up the cannabis market. Furthermore, the industry has been pushed into the limelight this year.

Marijuana-infused beer by Two Roots Company is a game changer. Given the amount of people who drink beer in the US, Matt Badiali says that the marijuana-infused beer is going to boost beer sales. The number of consumers of beer dropped significantly and now, the industry needs boost.

This has caught attention of investors and companies. In line with that, Constellation Brands and Corona beer maker have invested in a Marijuana company. Matt Badiali, investment expert, believes that other companies will follow suit and the sector is bound to explode.

The sector has a great potential in the natural resources today. The recreational use of marijuana being legalized in Canada is a start and investors should take advantage of the opportunity to make potentially high profits.

In the US, medical marijuana is the sector that is growing rapidly. The number of patients who use medical marijuana has doubled in Florida in just 5 months. The general medical marijuana use grew at the rate of 8% p.m. over one year in New York. This is according to Badiali’s statistics.

He says that medical practitioners use different strains and compounds such as THC and CBD to treat different conditions. THC stimulates the user, makes him or her feel good and sometimes, it stimulates hunger. The hunger stimulation is beneficial to people with multiple sclerosis as well as the ones receiving chemotherapy. On the other hand, CBD is used by patients looking to relief themselves from pain or inflammation.

Matt Badiali recommends medical marijuana to investors as an investment opportunity. Generally, he holds the view that, the marijuana sector offers many investment opportunities in many fields including medicine, technology and recreation.

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Sheldon Lavin: The hawk-eyed entrepreneur who doesn’t hesitate to seize business opportunitie

The growth of family-owned butcher shop in the outskirts of Chicago into a multi-billion dollar enterprise indicates how visionary leadership can transform even the smallest business. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, established the first butcher shop in the outskirts of Chicago. His shop was famous among the immigrants, and it was known for its quality cuts and exceptional customer service.

As the years went by, Otto’s business kept growing where he even started supplying meat in wholesale to supermarkets and restaurants throughout Chicago and greater Illinois. In the late 20s, Otto decided to register it as a family business with the name Otto & Sons LTD.

When his sons joined him in managing the family business, they landed a deal with McDonald’s franchise for supplying fresh meat to their outlets. In the 1960s, Otto and his two sons embarked on a journey to expand their production capacity by purchasing new equipment.

In the early 70s, they approached Sheldon Lavin, a renowned investor, and financial consultant to get money for their expansion plans. Sheldon Lavin managed to organize financing for the company on the condition that he would become a partner. By the 1980’s, Otto and his sons retired from the business leaving it in the hands of Sheldon Lavin.

Using his entrepreneurial prowess, Sheldon Lavin embarked on a mission of taking his business to the world. He achieved this by acquiring several processing facilities to boost the company’s production capabilities. While doing this, Sheldon also ensured that he maintained the standards that had propelled the company for more than seven decades.

Since he took over as the new owner of OSI Group, the company has pitched the tent in more than 85 countries where they are the proud owners of more than 70 food processing facilities. According to recent figures, it is estimated that OSI Group employs more than 20,000 employees working in their different processing facilities.
However, these figures are bound to change following a string of acquisition and expansion that the company has been undertaking in the recent past. The company was recently involved in the expansion of the Spain-based poultry plant that cost them an arm and a leg.

The acquisition of Europe-based food companies such as Flagship Europe and Baho foods has helped to solidify their presence in the European continent. Plus, OSI Food industries have also managed to penetrate the Asian market by building facilities in China, where it is now considered as the leading processor for poultry products.

Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen

For Igor Cornelsen, his motto stands firm on sticking with the facts when it comes to making up his mind about something. He is not one to listen to what other analysts and financial experts have to say. Because of his motto, he has become a successful and respected advisor to many people.

On October 4, 1947, Igor was born in Curitiba, Brazil. He went on to attend the Federal University of Parana for engineering. When he was in college, that was the only school offering engineering in the entire state. Because of this the admission process was challenging for aspiring students. After two years of pursing engineering, he began to study economics.

He graduated college in 1970. With an economics degree in hand, he was able to land a job at an investment bank. HIs engineering classes had paid off. Those classes taught him about calculating compound interest rates. Having a skill like that was vital because calculators and computers at that time could not perform those functions. His success in the investment sector garnered him a respected name. Eventually, he got a job in Rio as an investment banker. He worked himself up to being on the board of directors. The promotions did not set there. By 1976, he was the company’s chief executive officer.

While being the chief executive officer of Multibanco, the company got acquired Bank of America. So, after 1978 he began to explore other career paths. Unibanco was a top investment firm in Brazil. He started working for this company and stayed there until the mid 1980s. He stayed there until inflation got outrageous and began seeking employment elsewhere.

Igor Cornelsen began to work as an investment advisor. It allowed him to have international clients. Having a diverse portfolio of clients allowed him to begin making a salary paid with the U.S. dollar. This was interesting and new for the advisor. He spent time in London working with other colleagues in the financial industry. Then he finally started his own investment firm which has propelled him to the level of success he has today.

OSI Industries: An American story

Beginning with its humble roots in the 20th century, OSI Group has captured the true meaning of making it in America. With the influx of German immigrants also came incredible talent. Otto Kolschowsky would find himself in Chicago Il during the best time in economic growth. Within two years Otto would open up his first meat shop in the city, not too long after the end of the post-war economic boom, the business took off expanding to other districts of the city and rebranding itself to Otto and Sons.

With OSI industries building itself a reputation of quality and respect it is no surprise why Ray Kroc (Founder of Mcdonalds) would seek the services of OSI industries. With a verbal agreement and a shake of a hand, OSI industries along with Mcdonalds hamburgers would together grow immensely in the following decades. Although providing food for the largest fast-food franchise in history wasn’t enough, OSI Industries would take it a step forward by implementing the latest food technology of its time in the form of cryogenic freezing. Due to this innovation, Mcdonalds was able to keep to their franchisees’ promise of delivering a consistent product.

Today, OSI Industries is led by (COO)David Mcdonalds. David grew up on an Iowa farm where he learned discipline and the meaning of days hard work. He would later go on to graduate from ISU with a bachelors in animal science and was recognized for his outstanding academic achievements and engagement in the community. David Mcdonalds sits at the top of OSI, however, he still takes time to give back to the community. With giving back to the University that educated him in actively involving himself in the school’s entrepreneurship programs to donating scholarship money for those in need, David Mcdonalds has lived up to the OSI name. When asked why the company doesn’t showcase their success and community outreach he simply said, “We are not a group that trumpets our own success, we enjoy supporting our customers and like to maintain a low profile”. OSi Industries truly demonstrates the humbleness and steadiness that they preach.

EOS Lip Balm Keeps Us Smiling

EOS Lip Balm has taken the world by surprise in the past ten years and has become a leader in the beauty world. EOS Lip Balm made its appearance in a market that was overly saturated, but this didn’t stop them.

Now, one of the top picks of makeup experts, beauty bloggers, and millennials there is no sign of sales slowing down.

What made EOS Lip Balm so wildly popular in such a short time? There are a few reasons including keen marketing and solid research. The biggest factor? Finding out what the consumer needed and wanted. Although there were other popular brands of lip balms that stood the test, EOS Lip Balm wanted to offer more.

What was the consumer looking for?

  • The ability to find their lip balm in their bags. The traditional lip balm sticks were always getting lost in the bottom of the bag and having to be searched out and rescued. The design of the EOS Lip Balm makes it easy to find the lip balm in the bags that are carried by both men and women. Mehra and Teller literally had sculptors creating different shapes into clay models until they found the sphere-shaped container.
  • Women wanted a product that was like a jar beauty product, but the user did not have to stick their fingers in. Thus, creating the well-known orb shape that also helps to reduce contamination.

EOS Lip Balm Continues to Increase Sales

The manufactures of EOS Lip Balm listened to the consumers and researched in great depth to give them what they desired. It looks as though the research and listening has paid off well. EOS Lip Balm is leading the way for healthy lips and great smiles.

NGP VAN Uses Software To Get Out The Vote

NGP VAN generates campaign canvassing tools that make the whole process a lot easier for the organizers and the canvassers whose job it is to go door to door spreading information about the candidates. The NGP VAN software tools are MiniVAN and Distributed Canvassing. MiniVan is a mobile canvassing app used by both organizers and volunteers. Distributed Canvassing is a system tool that automatically cuts the turf for volunteers based on their location. This eliminates a lot of time-consuming work usually completed by campaign organizers.


MiniVAN explained in greater detail is a mobile app loaded onto the smartPhones of volunteers so that they can sync data with the campaign staff no matter where they are located.

  1. Campaign organizers can make real-time decisions and convey those new directions to the canvassers immediately through MiniVAN, a portable phone app.
  2. The old painstakingly long way of cutting turf is not necessary. Now volunteers can simply sign in to the MiniVAN app and receive door numbers. After completing their canvassing they can sign-out and the information is synced with the home office.
  3. The volunteers are less confused with the large paper trail. They simply refer to the app to keep track of doors knocked and homes to visited and those already visited.
  4. The campaigns using MiniVAN and Distributed Canvassing use far less paper, saving at least one tree per campaign.
  5. At the touch of a button, MiniVAN manager reveals the status of the campaign: doors knocked and contact made. It gives the organizers real-time control over adjustments to the canvassing process.


Studies have shown that the voting public is not made of too many swing voters. So the concentration has to be on voters who already lean toward your candidate’s politics. Using MiniVAN and Distribute Canvassing enable the campaign to focus on like-minded voters. Even with aligned thinking, if they aren’t motivated to vote, the candidate loses. Canvassing door-to-door reignites the passion in the voter.


Software that streamlines the process of canvassing assures the campaign reaches the largest number of potential voters. Personally reaching out, touches the public and ensures they realize they are important to the candidate. That personal touch is the added intimacy that propels people to act on their thoughts. MiniVAN and Distributed Canvassing are the elements that take canvassing to a new level. The campaign saves time and reduces paperwork, along with getting more people out to vote.

Healthcare Executive Drew Madden Watches The World Of IT Closely

The worlds of healthcare and internet technology are always changing. New innovations and changes are part of this growing and changing force For all those involved in the field of healthcare in some way, it remains imperative to understand new changes that may be on the horizon. Such is the case with new ways of selling varied types of medications and other medical devices. Today, two companies may be battling it out for their share of the market to reach the American consumer. CVS is a giant in the world of retailing and one with a profoundly large share of the American pharmaceutical marketplace. However, newcomer Amazon seems to be making large inroads into their share of this large industry. As Amazon continues to grow, the company’s leaders have continued to explore new sectors of the economy that might return value to their stockholders in some way. One sector that has caught their eyes is that of the healthcare sector. Those who follow the world of healthcare and pharmaceuticals have come to the conclusion that perhaps Amazon may choose to get into the world of pharmaceutical sales.

Valuable Insights

Many investors appreciate help when it comes to making sense of the market in some way. They look for those who have studied in the market in great detail and understand where it might be headed. One person with a background in the field is Drew Madden. Madden is a seasoned healthcare professional with many years of experience in healthcare investing. Madden is someone who deeply cares about what he does. He aims to provide opportunities that enable people to get results from his understanding of the market. As an entrepreneur, he knows the value of working with the best and brightest as often as possible. His work in this field has enabled him to offer the kind of insights that are necessary in order to deliver amazing returns that can match the market and even beat it over time. He sees how companies such as Amazon and CVS may be headed in a new direction and sees vast investing opportunities.

How Matt Badiali Makes People Understand Finances

When Matt Badiali started working at Banyan Hill Publishing, he knew there were things he’d have to do to make more out of the industry and the things going on in the industry. He also knew things would change because of the way he did business. As a financial expert, he showed people what they needed to know about different situations and that’s what made him the best at the business. It also made it easy for him to show people they had someone who knew what he was doing behind all the resource investment opportunities. For Badiali, things continued getting better and things changed the way he did business. It made sense for Badiali to do these things and it made it easier for him to continue helping people with these opportunities.

Between his hard work and the things he did in the industry, Banyan Hill Publishing kept getting better. People saw it as something he could enjoy and saw it as a way for Matt Badiali to keep working in a way that allowed him a lot of different successful opportunities. Between his work and the things other people did, Badiali felt good about giving everyone these things. He always knew how to help and knew what it would take to get more out of the situations he dealt with. By the time Matt Badiali started showing people what they could do, he had done a lot of things to make his experiences better.

Even though Matt Badiali keeps doing things right, he feels good about what he’s doing for others. He doesn’t struggle to make sense of different things and always uses that to help people understand what he can do on his own. With his help, people can get more out of the situations they deal with. They can also show others they have a chance to be successful in different industries because of all the things he does. He likes showing people how to invest since he knows a lot about investments and about the right way to create different investment opportunities for everyone who works with him.

Art Delivery and the Dynamic World of Social Media, Ann Scango Weighs in

Ann Scango is an American artist who’s been recognized for her 3D art curation. Ann founded the Scango Collection in 2016, and she heads the firm up to date. Based in Austin, Ann Scango has a passion for using natural materials to create her art. For instance, she uses molding and collage techniques, which are fused together to find industrial materials that she can use to create her art. In addition to that, Ann Scango also uses polyurethane foam, which she tops with other resources that she finds across Austin like twigs and mulch from Zilker Park and her garden respectively. Ann has been an environmental enthusiast for a long time. She’s tried to show other people the importance of preserving the environment through her sculptures that she makes from natural materials.

Ann Scango’s artwork has been used to show the link between people and the environment and the importance of that link. She questions the culture of consumption unconsciously but reflects optimism too. Ann Scango has had a passion for art and the environment since she was young though she didn’t pursue it as a profession since she was formerly a stay at home mom.

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In recent years, the culture of people has changed and so has the art world. In an article that Ann Scango wrote in June, she explains that social media has had a significant role in the alteration of people’s way of life and their beliefs and preferences too. Jia Jia Fei is one of the people who has brought a change in the art world. She is responsible for delivering art to the people through social media. People no longer appreciate art as they used to in the past since the art that is kept on the internet is easily accessible as compared to the art that’s preserved in museums. Art that’s shared on social media is considered a success if a lot of people like it as opposed to the experience surrounding the viewing of the art from a museum.

Image result for contemporary art moma


Jeff Herman Comments About Cosby

Jeff Herman has decades of experiences in the law field, and about 20 years of experience pursuing cases against sexual abusers. He founded Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.


For over a decade, Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them. He was the lawyer involved in the famous court cases against Kevin Clash—a man who had once worked as Elmo’s puppeteer. He has also been involved in putting a spotlight on the sins of the Catholic church, exposing sexual abuse cases involving clergy members and children.


Jeff Herman has a practice in Boca Raton, Florida, that is dedicated exposing the sickening injustices that sexual abuse victims go through. He is also dedicated to exposing the truth about how society is neglectful in the justice that it gives to victims.


In an article, Jeff Herman commented on his ideas concerning the Case of Bill Cosby. He felt that the verdict was correct, and that Bill Cosby had really done wrong. Herman also spoke about how Bill Cosby’s sexual victims were accused of “asking for it” and told that they “knew what they were doing.” However, this is very demeaning to the victim, and the person who is doing the assaulting should control his or herself; nobody is “asking for it.”


There was one female witness who had gone to Cosby’s house for the reason of having a normal, platonic conversation about profession-related subjects. He gave her a beverage that was laced with drugs, though he told her that it was herbal tea. She became incapacitated and ended up being sexually abused by him. This story leads to a more clear-cut judgment that Cosby was truly a sexual predator. However, his defense claimed that she was lying and just trying to take advantage of a rich man. Visit This Page to learn more.


Jeff Herman goes on to talk about where he stands in cases like these. He is not the type of lawyer that fights to put specific individuals in jail or get specific individual punished; he is the type of lawyer who works to gain settlements for victims.