Eric Lefkofsky Does Things That Help the Cancer Industry

As long as Eric Lefkofsky knows what people want and focuses on how he can change the industry, he feels good about the options he puts into place. He also has a lot of experience helping people who have cancer feel better about their diagnoses. The point of his company, Tempus, isn’t to find a cure for cancer. Instead, it’s to help people have a better time coping with a difficult diagnoses. If he’s able to provide people with a positive environment for healing, he can make things easier for the people who use Tempus. When Eric Lefkofsky started the idea for Tempus, he knew what he needed to do to ensure the company would succeed. He also felt there were things that would allow more people to try different things with the business so people didn’t have to worry about what he was doing with it.

It didn’t take a long time for Eric Lefkofsky to figure out what he needed to do to make things better for the people who used Tempus. In fact, he pushed to ensure there would be positive experiences for everyone who needed his help. Thanks to the hard work he put into the business and the way he worked to make sure people would have positive experiences even while they were dealing with cancer, Eric Lefkofsky felt compelled to push and make things easier on all his patients.

The company grew under Eric Lefkofsky’s direction. He knew how to hire the right people to support the mission and that’s what pushed him to succeed no matter what issues people were dealing with. It was also a way for him to help people feel like they had a support system beyond just family and friends. By making sure Tempus was one of the most positive opportunities for everyone, Eric Lefkofsky set the company apart from others. It was important to help people see what they could do and make sure they were offering the best experiences possible. Tempus has big plans for how they’re going to help with data-driven medicine for cancer in the future. CEO, Liu Qiangdong

Trademarked for his enlightened concepts and commendable resolve, Liu Qiangdong is a passionate entrepreneur who thrives in the face of adversity. His e-commerce platform,, evidences this. During the early stages of his career, Qiangdong embarked on a venture selling magneto-optical goods from a retail space he acquired. Under his sound leadership, the enterprise amassed coveted success. Qiangdong’s luck took a sharp turn after the SARS outbreak forced individuals to hunker down in their homes. Dispirited by this unfortunate reality, Qiangdong was forced to create a clever resolution to this problem. He did just that when he created an online platform that allowed him to sell his products without compromising the health of others. is currently one of the largest e-commerce websites in China, and Qiangdong intends to diversify into an internationally recognized businessman by partnering with business moguls in Thailand, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

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Louis Chênevert Transformative Leadership in the business world

Louis Chênevert is a French-Canadian born prominent leader in the business world. His business career has seen him progress from one level to another managing and steering each organization he has worked for to succeed.

Mr. Chênevert was born in 1957 in Farmington a small town in the Quebec State. Among his siblings, he was considered a very brilliant child, and it was evident in everything he set out to do.

His business acumen started right from his schooling days. He attended prestigious Université de Montréal, École des Hautesétudes (HEC) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in production management. After graduating, he was employed by General Motors where he served as a Production manager of Therese operation. His time at GM spanned 14 years with his significant achievement being sealing the Goodrich deal for the company. Chênevert later joined Pratt & Whitney in 1993 where he served as the company’s president until 2008 when he joined United Technologies Corporations (UTC) as the CEO and the chairman. He served in the positions until he officially retired in 2014.

His time at UTC has been nothing short of excellent success as he was able to achieve some things including overseeing a tremendous technological innovation period that saw the company develop Geared Turbofan that was an industry game changer. His tenure at UTC was marked by substantial investments regarding employee training, and technological advancements which he saw were the elements of success for any company. Louis Chênevert has also worked as a senior industry advisor for Goldman Sach Merchant banking division between 2015 and 2017.

Other organizations Chênevert has worked with include; Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, business council, Cargill Inc., and Friends of HEC among others.

Louis Chênevert is particularly excited by how technology has brought significant change in the society and the many opportunities it continues to provide. He advises young entrepreneurs to be passionate, focused and optimistic in translating their ideas into reality.

He attributes his business success to the fact that he surrounds himself with good people and always keeps an open mind.

Jason Gottlieb: A Pioneer in the Hedge Fund Industry

Jacob Gottlieb is a hedge manager that owns a firm that is primarily focused on the health care sector, but he is looking to broaden into other industries. He lives in Manhattan and is friends with many of the top hedge fund managers in the city. They gather once a month in each others homes to play poker. The games are more about having fun and discussing business not competition. Mr. Gottlieb is passionate about building businesses and trained as a doctor before entering the financial industry. He founded Visium Asset Management in 2005 and the company now manages over $3.5 billion in assets. Jacob’s vast experience and knowledge in the health care field is the key to the company’s success. The Visium Balanced Fund is the company’s premier product that has over $2.4 billion in assets and an annual return of 15.6 percent.


Despite Visium’s enviable success, Jacob has much higher goals in mind. He wants his firm to offer a wide variety of products to rival or surpass other legendary hedge fund companies. Over the past few years, he has slowly laid the foundation to achieve his dreams, but success won’t come easy. Although multi-strategy firms have been very successful, most attempts end in failure. Jacob feels he can avoid the failures of his predecessors because he has hired top industry professionals to help carry out his plan. Currently, Visium’s multi-strategy approach is off to a slow start with just $200 million in assets in which approximately half of that is the company’s capital. One of the major problems he is facing is stiff competition from other hedge fund managers who are attempting to start their own firms. Another problem Jason Gottlieb is facing is that investors don’t have confidence in him as a diversified manager because his track record has only been in the health care industry. Despite the problems, Jason is focused on making his plan a success.


Jason Gottlieb is also a philanthropist and gives back to the community and various organizations such as the Covenant House. The Covenant House for over 40 years has given homeless kids a place to stay and keep them on a positive path in 31 cities across six nations.


Vincent Parascandola of AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Vice President of AXA Advisors based out of New York. He has held this position over the past 3 years. Before that he was AXA’s Chief Sales Officer and President for their Continental Division. He has also held the position of president within AXA over various divisions and groups. Before his time at AXA, he was the field vice president at the MONY Group. He was also Managing Director, a sales manager, and a financial professional within the same company. Early in his financial career he worked as an agent for Prudential Insurance and a System Analyst for Irving Trust Company. He has over 30 years of career experience within the financial industry. He received his BS in Computer Science from Pace University Lubin School of Business. His specialties are retirement planning, Financial Services, Life Insurance Strategies, Estate Planning, and Asset Management.

According to Rocket Reach, AXA Advisors is a financial planning based company. They have over 150,000 employees and over 1 million clients. The over insurance policies, retirement savings, and business asset management. They have over 25 years of business experience. Their mission is the protection of people, property and businesses. Their services are offered in over 60 countries. Vincent Parascandola is personal responsible for the wellbeing and career growth of over 225 employees in the Mid-New Jersey Area. Vincent is responsible for recruiting and training new financial advisors. He also oversees the overall productivity and sales growth of the region. He does this by maintaining proper profit margins.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Announces The Purchase Of Walton’s Heating And Air Company

Goettl Air Conditioning has acquired Walton’s Heating and Air. Walton’s is a family-owned HVAC company based in Southern California. The financial details of the acquisitions were not disclosed and it is believed that Goettl paid tens of millions of dollars to acquire the brand.

In the past few months, Goettl has been acquiring several HVAC companies operating in Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas. These acquisitions have seen the company strengthen its brand in the region while at the same time augmenting its operations, services, and staff quality. The acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air will see the company expand its operations to southern California. Todd Longbrake, the previous owner of Walton’s, said on PR News that the acquisition would enhance the company’s growth.

Speaking during the announcement of the acquisition deal, Longbrake spoke about his leadership at the company. The entrepreneur noted that the deal would help the company to grow since in the last few years, Walton’s had stagnated. He also said that he was pleased to be working with Goettl, a company having a sound history in the industry.

Goettl showed interest in acquiring the company in early 2015. However, Longbrake was reluctant to let go of this precious family businesses. The company’s interest also prompted him to start doing research about Goettl and its owner, Ken Goodrich. Longbrake realized that being part of Goettl was the ideal move for the company as Goodrich’s company was interested in growing and expanding to more regions. To this end, he decided to give Goettl a chance.

The deal will see the former owner of Walton’s being retained at Goettl as the company’s sales manager and field supervisor. Ken Goodrich is confident that the acquisition was ideal considering that he has vast experience in the competitive HVAC industry. This information was originally mentioned on

Although the two entrepreneurs struck a deal in 2015, operational issues and marketing complications saw the announcement of the same being delayed by about two years. Ken says that it was important to handle all the issues to ensure that when the company joins Goettl, it would smoothly run its operations and seamlessly fit under the umbrella.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is a revered HVAC company that operates in Las Vegas valley. Goettl brothers established the company in 1937. Originally, the corporation managed its operations from Phoenix. Ken Goodrich, who is the current proprietor of the company, has played a pivotal role in ensuring the growth of the company in the recent years.