Creative Foods Company, OSI Group Amplifies Operations Outside the United States

OSI Group is one of the leading food suppliers in the United States of America. Its genesis can be traced back to a German immigrant who established a small meat shop that grew to become a wholesaler in under a year. It was registered as Ottos &Sons, a family business. Today, the story is in another script as this business is an enviable empire and the present OSI Industries. Clearly, OSI Group has evolved radically and witnessed so many changes from management, to the operation and the expansion to other continents.

Its expansion strategy has been done in diverse ways. They have been through mergers, acquisitions and at times if OSI desires to venture into a new market, it develops networks with companies in the sector. That said, in 2016, OSI purchased Tyson Foods. This was a food processing company based in Chicago. It was in close proximity to another subsidiary of OSI Industries and was, therefore, a wise decision to acquire this plant. This purchase made the company sales and profit shoot up as a result of efficient production with great future prospects to explore the market.

Baho Foods is yet another food processor that has been acquired by OSI. The deal was closed in 2016 with David McDonald being one of those who had been on the negotiation table. This pact has help OSI Industries diversify its food product to serve the market with what is preferred by their customers. Some of these food products include; snacks, deli meats, and sumptuous fast foods. OSI Group has simultaneously done OSI Group flagship in Europe and began operations in Spain.

About OSI Group

OSI is an international meat processor with many companies under it. It is based in Aurora Illinois, United States and was founded in 1909. It supplies food products to leading restaurants and resorts such as McDonald among others. During 2016, summer Olympics, it supplied food to the fans sufficiently with not a single complaint. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and David McDonalds who is the President are some of the personalities behind the company’s success.

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OSI Industries: An American story

Beginning with its humble roots in the 20th century, OSI Group has captured the true meaning of making it in America. With the influx of German immigrants also came incredible talent. Otto Kolschowsky would find himself in Chicago Il during the best time in economic growth. Within two years Otto would open up his first meat shop in the city, not too long after the end of the post-war economic boom, the business took off expanding to other districts of the city and rebranding itself to Otto and Sons.

With OSI industries building itself a reputation of quality and respect it is no surprise why Ray Kroc (Founder of Mcdonalds) would seek the services of OSI industries. With a verbal agreement and a shake of a hand, OSI industries along with Mcdonalds hamburgers would together grow immensely in the following decades. Although providing food for the largest fast-food franchise in history wasn’t enough, OSI Industries would take it a step forward by implementing the latest food technology of its time in the form of cryogenic freezing. Due to this innovation, Mcdonalds was able to keep to their franchisees’ promise of delivering a consistent product.

Today, OSI Industries is led by (COO)David Mcdonalds. David grew up on an Iowa farm where he learned discipline and the meaning of days hard work. He would later go on to graduate from ISU with a bachelors in animal science and was recognized for his outstanding academic achievements and engagement in the community. David Mcdonalds sits at the top of OSI, however, he still takes time to give back to the community. With giving back to the University that educated him in actively involving himself in the school’s entrepreneurship programs to donating scholarship money for those in need, David Mcdonalds has lived up to the OSI name. When asked why the company doesn’t showcase their success and community outreach he simply said, “We are not a group that trumpets our own success, we enjoy supporting our customers and like to maintain a low profile”. OSi Industries truly demonstrates the humbleness and steadiness that they preach.