Anthony Constantinou, The Head of Artificial Intelligence


Studying artificial intelligence can be a fun and strange field to venture. Some find it interesting and some don’t. Believe it or not. There are lots of university students that like to take courses studying the artificial intelligence. They’re really interested in robotics. One student that found this field very interesting is Anthony Constantinou. He started his education in 2008 by studying Artificial Intelligence with Robotics at the University of Hertfordshire and graduated in 2009.


Then Constantinou attended Queen Mary University of London, where he studied PhD in the networks of Bayesian, and graduated in 2012. Constantinou has lived in the city of Limassol, which is located in Cyprus, on the southern coast. Now he’s living in London, the United Kingdom’s largest city. Anthony Constantinou has a profound interest in studying medicine, economics, finance, gaming, sports and other various hobbies. He likes to do extensive research into the area of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence hoping to make discoveries that are causal. Constantinou very often teams up and works with industrial organizations internationally.


He is now the Lecturer Assistant Professor and Head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London. He’s also in charge of the Research Lab and lecturer in Machine Learning and Data Mining of this university that he’s helping to run.


Anthony Constantinou is definitely committed to the University where he learned a lot from. He’s wearing a few hats at Queen Mary University because he has a deep passion for it. And he loves what he’s doing there. Constantinou wants to contribute to the University that gave him so much. And that’s what he’s doing. The same way that he was taught about discovering more about artificial intelligence, Constantinou can now encourage future student to make new discoveries in this field. Go To This Page to check out his page on Twitter.