What Personal Cyber Security Means To You

Being hacked and having your information stolen is a very big problem and causes billions of dollars in damages a year. Having been a victim of such problems, I can personally attest to the importance of protecting yourself against these personal cyber security threats. Once hacked the criminals can steal your personal information and/or even hold your computer hostage. Being forced to pay a ransom, for more than your computer is worth, if you want to continue using your device. Recently my laptop had gotten one of these viruses and after paying 100 dollars to have my computer “fixed” it was still junk. I was out 100 bucks and my laptop.


The best personal cyber security you can get is Rubica. This company protects and others from these security hacks. They have a U.S. based team of techs that monitor your devices to protect against security threats. And it is easy to use, all you have to do is download the app to your computer, smartphone, and/or tablet and Rubica takes care of the rest. You don’t have to set anything up or read any confusing manuals, just have to download the app and your personal cyber security is handled.

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“The Beauty Of Samoa”

Vacationing in very beautiful spots that contain an abundance of positively calm energy is the goal of many travelers (http://wildark.com/journal/). As the number of travelers go up every year, so does the stress of these individuals. Many people are looking at brochures that indicate that they will have a good time in these congested cities. Although travelers may have a good time in these cities, there is also another alternative for those seeking a more naturally fulfilling experience. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/mark-hutchinson/

Places like Worlds Of Fun and Oceans Of Fun are interesting places to visit on vacation, but they do not compare to Eco-friendly destinations. Eco-friendly locations are natural, breathtaking and fulfilling. Samoa is a great example of an Eco-conscious location, for they are improving their self sustainability each year, and are successful at the task. In addition, Samoa is a chain of islands that are in the Pacific ocean. Expanded across these islands are breathtaking waters, beaches, and scenery that the traveler would not soon forget. More specifically, Upolu is the capital, and here you will find productive, welcoming residents who are known to be out and about enjoying the beautiful weather. One of Samoa’s luxurious resorts is called “Seabreeze Resort” this is a place of calmness and serenity. Seabreeze is on the beach looking out into the ocean, causing the traveler to be at a standstill, as all worries wash away from them. Locations like Seabreeze are known to cleanse the body and mind of any negative energy, ensuring that the traveler can enjoy not only themselves, but the environment that surrounds them. Finding Eco-friendly locations can be a challenge if the intention of finding one is not set in place, but with reliable websites like Wild Ark that provide usable, helpful information, anyone can effortlessly pick a destination. Wild Ark has an abundance of beautiful locations and descriptions listed on their website that any and every traveler can take advantage of. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/wildarkglobal/



Bruce Bent II: Founder of the World’s First Money Market Fund

Money market funds are mutual funds that invest mostly in treasury bills and commercial paper. Treasury bills, or T-bills, are short-term debt instruments issued by the federal government that mature within one year. Likewise, commercial paper refers to promissory notes that an unsecured and mature within 270 days. Money market funds are often assumed to afford the same government insurance as a deposit accounts, although this is not always the case. Money market funds should not be confused with money market deposit accounts, which are not mutual funds and are fully insured by the FDIC.

While money market funds are a relatively safe investment, they do carry a small level of risk. They are appropriate for individuals who want to diversify from riskier investments and also those who seek higher returns than they would see with deposit accounts.

In 1970, Bruce R. Bent founded the world’s first money market fund, called the Reserve Fund. Although treasury bills and commercial paper were traded before Bent co-founded the Reserve Fund with Henry B.R. Brown, it was Bent who pioneered the concept of the money market fund.

After graduating from St. John’s University in New York with a degree in economics, Bent became managing partner in a small Wall Street firm and later joined pension firm TIAA-CREF, where he met his future business partner Henry Brown. The two joined forces to create a mutual fund that would ensure short-term returns for the clients with almost zero risk. The two founded the Reserve Fund with no advertising, but within five years the company was handling deposits in excess of $1 million.

Prior to attending college, Bent served in the Marine Corp and worked as a letter carrier during high school. He and his wife Nancy have two children, and Brent serves on the board of trustees of his alma mater, St. John’s University.

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