Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda has taken over a small but growing marketing company in Miami, Florida. But when taking the position he already knew some of the challenges he would face. The first challenge is that marketing companies are hard to run and keep going. The reason that marketing companies are so hard is because for so long larger companies couldn’t get what they needed from a third party company and small companies couldn’t afford them. The next reason that marketing companies have it so hard and just don’t succeed in many cases is because the industry is hard due to the evolving technology that seems to change as soon as some marketing companies come out with one thing. The next reason that its hard is customers change all the time and are so different so what will reach one group won’t reach another and with the evolving technology it is enough to make someone’s head spin.

Edwin though has always been a determined individual and no company that he has ever went to has failed yet and he always made every company that he went to better in some way. The first thing that Edwin did was make it clear that old marketing ways will not work and won’t fly in his company. He wants his company to always look to the future so much so that he has a team that just works out what technology is coming out next and how the company can use that in order to market to customers. The next thing that Edwin did was make it clear that customers are first and that the employees will have to travel at times in order to make pitches for companies of all shapes and sizes so that they can truly be a world-wide company that is ever expanding.

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