EOS Lip Balm Keeps Us Smiling

EOS Lip Balm has taken the world by surprise in the past ten years and has become a leader in the beauty world. EOS Lip Balm made its appearance in a market that was overly saturated, but this didn’t stop them.

Now, one of the top picks of makeup experts, beauty bloggers, and millennials there is no sign of sales slowing down.

What made EOS Lip Balm so wildly popular in such a short time? There are a few reasons including keen marketing and solid research. The biggest factor? Finding out what the consumer needed and wanted. Although there were other popular brands of lip balms that stood the test, EOS Lip Balm wanted to offer more.

What was the consumer looking for?

  • The ability to find their lip balm in their bags. The traditional lip balm sticks were always getting lost in the bottom of the bag and having to be searched out and rescued. The design of the EOS Lip Balm makes it easy to find the lip balm in the bags that are carried by both men and women. Mehra and Teller literally had sculptors creating different shapes into clay models until they found the sphere-shaped container.
  • Women wanted a product that was like a jar beauty product, but the user did not have to stick their fingers in. Thus, creating the well-known orb shape that also helps to reduce contamination.

EOS Lip Balm Continues to Increase Sales

The manufactures of EOS Lip Balm listened to the consumers and researched in great depth to give them what they desired. It looks as though the research and listening has paid off well. EOS Lip Balm is leading the way for healthy lips and great smiles.