Jana Lightspeed: Behind the Monika

Jana Messerschmidt serves as the partner at the Lightspeed Venture Partners from 2018. This venture has earned her the Monika Jane Lightspeed. Before joining the current venture, Jana Lightspeed held a number of stints at Netflix and Twitter.

Upon joining Lightspeed, Jana acted as part of the consumer investing team after years of investing and also advising the early stage firms. Jana Lightspeed has also held a number of roles that cut across the fields of engineering, sales and marketing and business development throughout her career. This was for the high growth firms.

It has been at the core of the intersection of the technology and business throughout her career. Jana is also a holder of a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Illinois at the Urbana Champaign.

With time, she eventually ended up in the business side of the tech. She also hailed as the Vice President of the Global Business Development together with the platform at Twitter. She was in charge of strategic partnerships, developer relations, platform marketing and partner engineering. Before Jana landed the role at Twitter, she acted as the director of business development at Netflix. It was here that she focused on the building of the early streaming partnerships at Netflix.

Back in 2015, Jana founded the #Angles campaign investment plan for the defined mission to earn more women on the cap tables of the successful startups. She has rein stacked the bold ideas through the various industries such as Bird, Winnie, Eero, Cameo, Color and others.

Apart from investing, Jana has been passionate when it comes to hosting events and other conversations to build the community. She also was in hare of diversifying networks which is inclusive of the promotion of the women in different fields which help in the reconstruction of the industry. Jana Lightspeed is a believer of the inclusion of women in the creation of an equitable industry.