Jeff Herman Comments About Cosby

Jeff Herman has decades of experiences in the law field, and about 20 years of experience pursuing cases against sexual abusers. He founded Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.


For over a decade, Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them. He was the lawyer involved in the famous court cases against Kevin Clash—a man who had once worked as Elmo’s puppeteer. He has also been involved in putting a spotlight on the sins of the Catholic church, exposing sexual abuse cases involving clergy members and children.


Jeff Herman has a practice in Boca Raton, Florida, that is dedicated exposing the sickening injustices that sexual abuse victims go through. He is also dedicated to exposing the truth about how society is neglectful in the justice that it gives to victims.


In an article, Jeff Herman commented on his ideas concerning the Case of Bill Cosby. He felt that the verdict was correct, and that Bill Cosby had really done wrong. Herman also spoke about how Bill Cosby’s sexual victims were accused of “asking for it” and told that they “knew what they were doing.” However, this is very demeaning to the victim, and the person who is doing the assaulting should control his or herself; nobody is “asking for it.”


There was one female witness who had gone to Cosby’s house for the reason of having a normal, platonic conversation about profession-related subjects. He gave her a beverage that was laced with drugs, though he told her that it was herbal tea. She became incapacitated and ended up being sexually abused by him. This story leads to a more clear-cut judgment that Cosby was truly a sexual predator. However, his defense claimed that she was lying and just trying to take advantage of a rich man. Visit This Page to learn more.


Jeff Herman goes on to talk about where he stands in cases like these. He is not the type of lawyer that fights to put specific individuals in jail or get specific individual punished; he is the type of lawyer who works to gain settlements for victims.