Jeff Herman: How To Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse

In the modern times, it is paramount for parents to understand whatever is happening in the lives of their children. There are many predators that are looking for ways to harm children online and offline. To keep these young people safe from these individuals, it is crucial for most parents to be educated about the different ways they can use.


Jeff Herman is very popular in the international community. This attorney is appreciated because of the expert tips he has been giving the society so that young people can be prevented from sexual abuse. In the course of his successful career as a lawyer, Jeff Herman has been advocating for the rights of individuals who have survived sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and rape.


He founded Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school. For over a decade, Jeff Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them.


Just recently, Jeff Herman used his blog to share some Tips to Protect Your Kids from Sexual Abuse and help parents to teach their children about the popular sexual crimes. The lawyer also wants the parents to realize the signs of sexual abuse when it takes place to their young ones. It is not possible to be present so that you can protect your young one, but it is paramount to educate them so that they can live the happy lives they deserve. Find More Information Here.



Here are tips to always keep in mind


  1. Start teaching your child about their bodies and the change that takes place. However, ensure that you are keeping it age appropriate so that you do not make things worse for the child. Use the correct vocabulary and language so that the child will understand. Show your child the parts that should be kept off from other individuals.
  2. Teach your child the benefits of saying no to the activities that are not right for them. When someone tries to tell them to do something that is not correct, they will be confident to say no without having any pressure.
  3. Show the children some relevant examples. There are few people who will be in the life of your child, but they are only interested in harming them when acting like friends. Tell your child that even family members, police officers, friends, and clergymen should never be allowed to touch them in the wrong way.


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