Neurocore is a research group that has spent years studying brain training and the effects it can have on the brains of those with mental disorders of all types. While the brain training testing showed huge improvement admittedly now everyone was completely cured so to speak; many of the people that still had to take some kind of medication had serious problems that were just beyond what they could do. But even those with serious problems benefited greatly from the brain training so no matter what the project was considered such a huge success they were able to publish their findings before opening clinics in the United States. Right now the clinics can’t accept insurance because insurance companies are not yet covering this type of treatment. But, that is something the clinics are working hard towards as this type of treatment becomes part of the standard treatment for people with mental disorders. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Further the group is progressing more by branching off and creating new companies that can help even normal people be their best self. The first thing that they did was create a Neurocore called Muscle Tech which is a supplement company that makes supplement powder for workouts. The powder is different from others because it is all natural, low calorie, and low in caffeine. Read more about Neurocore at The feedback on the powder is widely positive as all types of people use this type of powder to help them power through their workout without crashing afterwards. The people that use the product love it because they know what they are putting in their body is truly good for them and even helps to replace some of the minerals that can be lost through sweat during a workout. Others like it because they don’t feel like they have to do an even longer workout just to burn off the calories from the powder to begin with. For those not doing a lot for their work out yet it can be used as meal replacement others use it as a snack or just a way to power through their workout as it is versatile to fit the needs of everyone.