NGP VAN Uses Software To Get Out The Vote

NGP VAN generates campaign canvassing tools that make the whole process a lot easier for the organizers and the canvassers whose job it is to go door to door spreading information about the candidates. The NGP VAN software tools are MiniVAN and Distributed Canvassing. MiniVan is a mobile canvassing app used by both organizers and volunteers. Distributed Canvassing is a system tool that automatically cuts the turf for volunteers based on their location. This eliminates a lot of time-consuming work usually completed by campaign organizers.


MiniVAN explained in greater detail is a mobile app loaded onto the smartPhones of volunteers so that they can sync data with the campaign staff no matter where they are located.

  1. Campaign organizers can make real-time decisions and convey those new directions to the canvassers immediately through MiniVAN, a portable phone app.
  2. The old painstakingly long way of cutting turf is not necessary. Now volunteers can simply sign in to the MiniVAN app and receive door numbers. After completing their canvassing they can sign-out and the information is synced with the home office.
  3. The volunteers are less confused with the large paper trail. They simply refer to the app to keep track of doors knocked and homes to visited and those already visited.
  4. The campaigns using MiniVAN and Distributed Canvassing use far less paper, saving at least one tree per campaign.
  5. At the touch of a button, MiniVAN manager reveals the status of the campaign: doors knocked and contact made. It gives the organizers real-time control over adjustments to the canvassing process.


Studies have shown that the voting public is not made of too many swing voters. So the concentration has to be on voters who already lean toward your candidate’s politics. Using MiniVAN and Distribute Canvassing enable the campaign to focus on like-minded voters. Even with aligned thinking, if they aren’t motivated to vote, the candidate loses. Canvassing door-to-door reignites the passion in the voter.


Software that streamlines the process of canvassing assures the campaign reaches the largest number of potential voters. Personally reaching out, touches the public and ensures they realize they are important to the candidate. That personal touch is the added intimacy that propels people to act on their thoughts. MiniVAN and Distributed Canvassing are the elements that take canvassing to a new level. The campaign saves time and reduces paperwork, along with getting more people out to vote.