Todd Lubar: The Trends in the Real Estate Sector

Todd Lubar is an American businessman and entrepreneur who is also known as the founder and the current president of TDL Ventures. He had worked with a lot of industries in the past, but he chose to focus and concentrate on the real estate industry because of the many opportunities that he could experience in the sector. He once worked with the mortgage banking industry and gained recognition for his will to help the public realize their dreams of building a beautiful home. Today, he chooses to focus on the business aspect of TDL Ventures, and he stated that he would continue to change the lives of those who are relying on people like him, who works in the real estate industry. Todd Lubar is currently based in Maryland, and he recently released his insights about the current trends that can be observed in the real estate sector.


He took the city of Baltimore as an example and told the public about how the city is growing faster than before. The city of Baltimore is home to more than 600,000 people, and it is considered as the 30th most populous city in the United States. It is also one of the most important cities in the state of Maryland, being a commercial center. The demographics of Baltimore changes over time, and by studying the previous records about the city, Todd Lubar managed to see some visible trends that are happening presently in the city. He was able to identify several factors that affect how the city grows, and he decided to enumerate the pointers that he noticed after studying the city’s statistics.


The first thing that he noticed was that the number of young professionals living in the city is starting to increase, while the number of older professionals is beginning to decrease. By studying the flow of the population, Todd Lubar theorized that the city of Baltimore would be home to a younger demographic in years to come, and he had to cater to their needs for his company to survive. One of the things that the youth wanted is to have their dwelling space. The younger generation does not care about how big the house is, as long as their basic needs are met. To address this request, Todd Lubar stated that real estate companies should consider making more apartments out of existing structures because it would please the younger population more compared to the standard housing units. Old warehouses are just some of the structures that could serve as a residential space for the younger demographic, and they would still buy it because of how it was made and how cool it is to them. Other factors that are shaping the trends in the industry, as per Todd Lubar, is the city’s transport system, cost of living, and ease to do business.


Shafik Sachedina- Volunteer In Educational Institutions And Co-Founder Of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a home for the elderly and people in need of specialized care. The facilities in the center are of state-of-the-art. The center is built in such a way that residents will feel in the right place. The management has made the center is such a way that everyone will feel at home. There is state of the art technologies which are used by the company. Most of the technologies used at Sussex centers are not available in any other nursing home. The facilities are built to the highest standards to give the residents the best care services.

Sussex Healthcare hires highly qualified staff to provide care. However, education of the staff does not end when one gets a job. The staff in this company are continually trained on how to provide care to different residents who are in need of care. Every year, there are educational programs for the staff to ensure that they are always offering the best services. Sussex Healthcare believes in hiring only the best professional who share in the company’s values. So, everyone who is employed in this facility is screened thoroughly to ensure that they maintain the high standards bar set by the management.

According to, Sussex Healthcare normally deals with the elderly who suffer from dementia, neurological disorders, and disability care. Residents who come looking for services from this facility are warmly welcomed and taken through the services they will, or their loved ones will get. The staff here are taught to treat the residents like they were their members of the family.

Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is the co-founder of Sussex Healthcare. He started this facility together with his partner in business Shiraz Boghani. Sachedina is a dental surgeon in England, and his origin is in Tanzania. He trained at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. Shafik Sachedina works as a volunteer with various educational institutions in mentoring young professionals in the medical field. Shafik Sachedina has won various awards for his voluntary and charitable activities. He has also held senior positions in the Ismaili Council and the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee.

Shafik Sachedina as a co-founder of Sussex Healthcare is working with the management of the company to give the residents the best care they need. His work through Sussex Health fare is transforming the lives of people who otherwise would be neglected by the society.

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Waiakea Water The Alkaline Factor

Waiakea is located in Hawaii,in the native language it stands for ‘broad waters‘ this is the perfect place to bottle water! Not just any type of water either, we are speaking of volcanic water. Hawaii is well known for it’s volcano’s but the idea of water being healthy from it is not make believe. The beautiful area along with its residents host many expensive homes and a state forest reserve.

What is now called Hilo Bay, was originally called Waiakea Bay the area itself goes for miles, it is a district of the Big Island of Hawaii. The stretch ends at Waiakea-Uka an area on the slopes of Mauna Loa. This is home to where the volcanic water starts its journey.


The organically sourced Waiakea water has something that is very important to a humans over all health and that is alkaline. The volcanic water benefits are many, if you have ever suffered from acid reflux it has been found that the alkaline found in Waiakea water helps to neutralize the acid in the stomach. The Waiakea water pH helps your body maintain a more stable pH level itself. Another important element inside Waiakea water is silica, it has more than the recommended dosage of this because of the alkaline nature of the water. The silica is known to slow down the ageing process by reducing the cognitive decline, that can ultimately lead to Alzheimer’s disease.


The Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water is purified by means of running through 14,000 feet of the volcanic rock found in the Mauna Loa volcano. The name means ‘Long Mountain’ as Waiakea benefits from one of the most active volcanoes with the ability to purify water with natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The process gives the water a pH balance of 8.8.


You can enjoy drinking healthy volcanic water as you spend some time touring the Waiakea Forest Preserve, you can plan a picnic or just enjoy watching the beautiful sunsets, all from 640-acre lava flow. Another thing to note is that the area also has some of the most important ground based astronomical observatories.

The Warm-Heartedness Of Rocketship Education

When we think of schools, we typically think of learning, preparation for college or careers, and the many related intricacies of education.

Unfortunately, however, millions of low-income families send their children to schools with poor curriculum, effectively wasting students’ time. While some families can afford to enroll their kids in top-notch, expensive private schools, very few households living in low-income areas can say the same thing.

Rocketship Education is a line of public charter schools, all of which are in areas characterized by general economic disadvantage. Even though its test scores are as high as or higher than nearby private schools, Rocketship Education also makes another promise to its students – to never leave them behind.

February, 2017 – San Jose, California

In San Jose, California, where Rocketship Education was founded, there’s a creek running through town named Coyote Creek. During the cold winter of 2017, in February, the creek flooded.

Over 14,000 individuals in San Jose had to evacuate their homes.

Third-grade Rocketeer Cesar was one of them.

Rocketship Education was there to help Cesar’s family and 30 others ravaged by the flood, by providing households with prepared meals, necessities, and equal shares in $62,000 it helped raise just for the occasion.

About Rocketship Education

Public schools in the United States consistently are outperformed by their private counterparts. Private school students’ parents typically must fork over expensive tuitions in exchange for higher qualities of education.

While wealthy families sometimes forego the option of private school, low-income households don’t have that liberty. Fortunately for the 17 areas around the United States that Rocketship Education serves, its facilities offer low-income students, on average, better educational experiences than their private counterparts.

Rocketship Education was organized in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. In 2007, its first academic year was kicked off in a San Jose church, the nonprofit public charter school then unable to secure funding for a full-fledged school building.

The system primarily operates in low-income areas, with over 80 percent of its enrolled students hailing from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds. Rocketship Education has expended virtually every year it’s existed, and maintains operations from the Pacific Ocean coastline to the nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C.

James Larkin, The Revolutioner

James Larkin, also known as Jim Larkin was born January 21st, 1876 in Liverpool, England to Irish Parents. Like most poverty-stricken families at that time, James, at the age of 7 began working in the evenings after school to help support his family. In 1890, at the age of 14, Jim’s father died and Jim was given a position in the firm that his father once worked.


In 1893 Jim Became a member of the Independent Labour Party since he had acquired a new interest in socialism.After his dismissal from the firm, Jim became a sailor and docker. He had found him a lovely wife by the name of Elizabeth Brown and by this time he had been promoted to foreman and was one of the few to participate in the strike on Liverpool docks.


Because of his role on the job, he was elected to strike committee. This, of course, caused him to lose his foreman position but was noted by the National Union of Dock Labourers. They were so impressed that the named him temporary organizer. Gaining permanent standings later down the line, his reputation planted him in Scotland in 1906 where he organized workers in Preston and Glasgow. He successfully campaigned against Chinese immigration saying ti was killing the work opportunities for the locals.


In January 1907, James Larkin arrived in Belfast, Ireland to conduct the dock workers in a strike against the city’s employers. In 1908, Larkin headed south to organize workers in Dublin, Cork, and Waterford. Unfortunately, his disapproved involvement in a dispute in Dublin led to hisdisbandment from the NUDL. After his expulsion, Larkin founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union.


Mr. James Larkin was later prosecuted by the National Union of Dock Labourers for diverting union funds to pay strike-workers in Cork. He was convicted and sentenced to a year in prison but was released only after three months because it was seen as an unjust sentencing.


In 1912 Larkin helped form the Irish Labour Party and was elected to Dublin Corporation. One of Larkin’s most noted features was his involvement in the Dublin Lockout in 1913. Through his courageous stands against the oppressing corporations, he has helped the “little guys” stand up for themselves.

Louis Chênevert Transformative Leadership in the business world

Louis Chênevert is a French-Canadian born prominent leader in the business world. His business career has seen him progress from one level to another managing and steering each organization he has worked for to succeed.

Mr. Chênevert was born in 1957 in Farmington a small town in the Quebec State. Among his siblings, he was considered a very brilliant child, and it was evident in everything he set out to do.

His business acumen started right from his schooling days. He attended prestigious Université de Montréal, École des Hautesétudes (HEC) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in production management. After graduating, he was employed by General Motors where he served as a Production manager of Therese operation. His time at GM spanned 14 years with his significant achievement being sealing the Goodrich deal for the company. Chênevert later joined Pratt & Whitney in 1993 where he served as the company’s president until 2008 when he joined United Technologies Corporations (UTC) as the CEO and the chairman. He served in the positions until he officially retired in 2014.

His time at UTC has been nothing short of excellent success as he was able to achieve some things including overseeing a tremendous technological innovation period that saw the company develop Geared Turbofan that was an industry game changer. His tenure at UTC was marked by substantial investments regarding employee training, and technological advancements which he saw were the elements of success for any company. Louis Chênevert has also worked as a senior industry advisor for Goldman Sach Merchant banking division between 2015 and 2017.

Other organizations Chênevert has worked with include; Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, business council, Cargill Inc., and Friends of HEC among others.

Louis Chênevert is particularly excited by how technology has brought significant change in the society and the many opportunities it continues to provide. He advises young entrepreneurs to be passionate, focused and optimistic in translating their ideas into reality.

He attributes his business success to the fact that he surrounds himself with good people and always keeps an open mind.

Securus Technologies Stopping Contraband Supply through Drones with Drone Detection Technology

Established in the year of 1986, Securus Technologies was born out of the collaboration of two of the most reputed telecom companies of its time, Evercom, and T-Netix. Securus Technologies was aimed at helping the correctional sector thrive and survive in the age of technology by providing them with numerous technologically advanced products and services. Securus Technologies has their very own technology center located in Dallas, TX, which is equipped to build some of the most advanced technologies that the corrections space has ever witnessed. The company continues to launch new products and services from time to time, which helps the inmates as well as the corrections officers. The inmate communication services like the video visitation that Securus Technologies launched a few months back has been beneficial for the inmates, who are now able to not only talk but also see their friends and family via the video chat interface.


Securus Technologies has also been developing the new age investigative technologies that have helped the law enforcement agencies to catch the criminals along with the proof of their crime, which assists in getting them convicted in the court of law. The LBS Pro service of Securus Technologies has been, in particular, highly applauded by the law enforcement officers, many of which have even written letters to the company appreciating the services company provides. Securus Technologies is also aware of the problem that the correctional sphere is currently facing, which is the supply of contraband item through the drones. If the drones are continued to allow entering the prison airspace without being detected or knocked down, the inmates will continue to get their supply of drugs, weapon, and contraband phone. Getting hands on these unauthorized and illegal materials can corrupt the prison ecosystem and also put lives of many inmates and officers at stake.


Securus Technologies has, therefore, designed and developed the only drone detection technology that is present in the correctional sphere currently. The drone detection technology by Securus Technologies would help in circling the entire corrections’ facility perimeter, and as soon as the drone enters the space, an alarm goes off. It helps the corrections officer to locate the drone and take it down. The drones would, therefore, not be able to stay undetected and do its part of dropping the contraband supplies without the corrections officers knowing about it. Securus Technologies knows that if the drones are allowed to continue to enter the airspace over the prisons, the problem of safety inside as well as outside the jail will continue to rise. The crime rate would also increase tremendously if the issue of contraband supply through drone is not addressed. Securus Technologies wants that more and more correctional facilities start installing drone detection technology so that the criminals cannot use drones anymore to supply contraband items inside the prison.



NGP VAN Delivers Game Changing Tools

Technology provider NGP VAN- a firm that makes targeted email, compliance reporting, online actions tools and more available to progressive campaigns– has imparted tips for making it easier to meet end of quarter goals.

The end-of-quarter deals with the conclusion of one of four specific three month intervals on the financial calendar.

NGP VAN recommended keeping a number of emails readily available should ideas deplete quickly. For example, let others know the number of people who have signed on to your campaign, such as the number of likes on Facebook.

What’s more, you should make known how many donations have been received for the quarter and how close you are to reaching your goal.

NGP VAN suggested after people make a donation, ask them to share on a preplanned form why they gave to your campaign or organization.

The importance of writing everything in advance was also emphasized as it can often be time consuming.

NGP VAN called attention to always remember to celebrate, in particular, when goals are met. The event could be observed by festivities that range from a potluck lunch to painting the town red. (

Launched in 2001, NGP VAN, formerly known as Voter Activation Network, changed its name to NGP VAN in January 2011. The company, founded by Mark Sullivan and Nathaniel Pearlman, is headquartered in Washington, DC with an office in Somerville, Massachusetts.

NGP VAN delivered software to clients that include the national Democratic committees, the Obama voter and volunteer campaign, hundreds of labor unions, political action committees, state and local campaigns and more.

The privately-held company has received awards which take in the Campaigns & Elections Award for Most Innovative Product; one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in the DC area and the AAPC award for Best Use of New Technology.

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Bob Reina: Your Limits Are Your Own

So often in life, people put limits on themselves. When they put limits on themselves, they don’t really see what they can do and they don’t fully utilize their skills to do something great. They settle in life and they take a job that just pays the bills as opposed to a job that is going to bring out the best in them from a creative standpoint. This makes Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, very, very sad. He knows there are a lot of talented people out there and they are just dying for the chance to prove their self worth. However, they are the ones holding themselves back.


It is probably because they have listened to other people for far too long. They have let other people tell them their self worth and even worse, they have listened to them. They need to block out that white noise, and they need to focus on the future and what is ahead for them. The truth of the matter is great things are ahead for them, and they are going to grab the world by the throat. They just need to start with step one. For many people, that is the hardest thing. They don’t know how to put one foot in front of the other and really go after it. Learn more:


Bob Reina sees this a lot with people, and it makes him very, very sad. He knows people can showcase so much more of themselves than what they have shown so far. They have decided to simply coast through life and take the easy road because it is the safe road. However, they are only hurting themselves when they do this. They are not fully utilizing all of their talents and all of their skills. As a matter of fact, they are being wasted.


There is not a single thing worse in the world than wasted talent. It is sad to say, but a lot of people go to their grave having wasted their talents. They have not fully shown the world what they can do and how they can do it. They have put themselves in a position where it is impossible to succeed. They are inside their own head. It is why they need to listen to people like Bob Reina when he speaks. He is the kind of person that is going to inspire people and bring out the very, very best in them.


Other people might not see their own skills, but Bob Reina has been around long enough that he sees it and he really wants people to soar in life. They will see life in a whole new way.

How Madison Street Capital Leverages Its Global Perspective

Madison Street Capital has offices in Accra, Ghana, Haryana, India and West Bengal, India. Madison Street Capital recognizes that Wall Street in New York City is no longer the only relevant financial capital in the world. While Wall Street represents the epicenter of much of the financial activity that takes place in the United States it is now among a growing number of urban centers around the world that are home to various thriving business communities and financial services sectors. There are local companies across the global south who are speaking to the needs of a growing number of consumers who are earning incomes that enable them to have the disposable income to spend on services and goods.


Emerging markets are serving as the soil where the seeds of companies that will shape the future of the global markets are growing. Many of these companies are able to succeed in markets where outside players cannot because they understand the needs and opportunities that exist in these markets in ways that business people from the outside do not. Such companies can often offer great opportunities for corporations in North America and Europe who are interested in looking for potential companies to invest in or potentially merge with as they seek to take advantage of the growing business opportunities that exist in emerging markets. Madison Street Capital has spent its time placing emerging markets at the forefront of its business strategy and is able to expertly advise companies who are interested in growing the international parts of their businesses. The company believes that the future of many companies’ growth will likely be driven through the many opportunities and players who are rising to prominence in emerging markets.


In addition to having the expertise to advise companies that exist in overseas markets and companies that are interested in doing business in international markets, Madison Street Capital has come to have a reputation for being able to broker critical deals between companies. Madison Street Capital often works in an advisory role that sees it helping companies to solve challenges that involve issues such as tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, raising investments and capital, as well as offering its informed professional opinion on issues such as stock options, collateral value assessments, shareholder redemptions. Recently Madison Street Capital was honored at a prestigious awards ceremony in its industry. During November of 2017 an organization that is known as The M&A Advisors announced that it had selected Madison Street Capital from among hundreds of firms to give it a top award for arranging the best debt financing deal in the industry. The award marked the 7th time that Madison Street Capital had been recognized for its work at The M&A Advisors Awards.


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