Securus Technologies Stopping Contraband Supply through Drones with Drone Detection Technology

Established in the year of 1986, Securus Technologies was born out of the collaboration of two of the most reputed telecom companies of its time, Evercom, and T-Netix. Securus Technologies was aimed at helping the correctional sector thrive and survive in the age of technology by providing them with numerous technologically advanced products and services. Securus Technologies has their very own technology center located in Dallas, TX, which is equipped to build some of the most advanced technologies that the corrections space has ever witnessed. The company continues to launch new products and services from time to time, which helps the inmates as well as the corrections officers. The inmate communication services like the video visitation that Securus Technologies launched a few months back has been beneficial for the inmates, who are now able to not only talk but also see their friends and family via the video chat interface.


Securus Technologies has also been developing the new age investigative technologies that have helped the law enforcement agencies to catch the criminals along with the proof of their crime, which assists in getting them convicted in the court of law. The LBS Pro service of Securus Technologies has been, in particular, highly applauded by the law enforcement officers, many of which have even written letters to the company appreciating the services company provides. Securus Technologies is also aware of the problem that the correctional sphere is currently facing, which is the supply of contraband item through the drones. If the drones are continued to allow entering the prison airspace without being detected or knocked down, the inmates will continue to get their supply of drugs, weapon, and contraband phone. Getting hands on these unauthorized and illegal materials can corrupt the prison ecosystem and also put lives of many inmates and officers at stake.


Securus Technologies has, therefore, designed and developed the only drone detection technology that is present in the correctional sphere currently. The drone detection technology by Securus Technologies would help in circling the entire corrections’ facility perimeter, and as soon as the drone enters the space, an alarm goes off. It helps the corrections officer to locate the drone and take it down. The drones would, therefore, not be able to stay undetected and do its part of dropping the contraband supplies without the corrections officers knowing about it. Securus Technologies knows that if the drones are allowed to continue to enter the airspace over the prisons, the problem of safety inside as well as outside the jail will continue to rise. The crime rate would also increase tremendously if the issue of contraband supply through drone is not addressed. Securus Technologies wants that more and more correctional facilities start installing drone detection technology so that the criminals cannot use drones anymore to supply contraband items inside the prison.