Securus Technologies Wide Variety of Phone Services on Offer

A company that has managed to dominate the correctional space for nearly three decades is Securus Technologies. The enterprise was formed by the two leading correctional firm, T-Netix and Evercom merged in 1986. The new company formed after the merger was named as TZ Holdings, which was later in 1992 renamed as Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has developed many unique products for the corrections space in the last thirty years, which has helped tremendously in modernizing the correctional field.


As an inmate, it is important that you are connected with your loved ones and is able to communicate regularly. Securus Technologies offers inmate communication services that are affordable, reliable, and efficient. The company has an AdvanceConnect prepaid phone service that ensures that the relatives and friends of inmates are able to receive calls from the inmates and are able to control their phone related spending as well. It is one of the most popular phone services offered by Securus Technologies. Similarly, there are an Inmate Debit phone services that are prepaid and can be used by the inmates that help them pay for the calling services they avail. It also makes it easier for the relatives and friends of the inmates to add funds to the account of the inmates without having to first set up their own account.


The Securus Technologies offers the traditional collect system as well as the collection of phone services it provides. It means the users can accept calls from the inmates and accept that the call charges would be added to their phone monthly bills. The investigative services and solutions of Securus Technologies are also highly popular among the people and the law enforcement officers have written to the company showcasing their appreciation for its services. Positive comments from these letters were published by the company through an online press release recently.